Ruger PC Charger as compared to Sub 2000

I’m super interested in the Ruger PC Charger, but unfortunately have no way to test one out locally before purchasing.

For those who have put a good number of rounds through one, how would it compare to the Sub 2000? (I have an “M-Series” version of the S2K, which I like quite a lot.)

I’ve read all the specifications, so I know it’s a bit heavier, shorter barrel obviously, etc. So I’m more interested in the stuff that can’t be learned by looking at fact sheets. Stuff like:

*How does it feel shooting (e.g., recoil, muzzle rise) compared to S2K?
*How easy is it to operate the charging handle? (My wife has difficulty with the S2K.)
*I know it’s obviously not meant for precision long range shooting, but what kind of groups do you get at 25, 75, 100 yards?
*How much do you notice the extra weight? For instance does it feel noticeably easier or harder to quickly shoot offhand?

Basically interested in any qualitative information you can share.

Thanks for your time.


I’ve owned a Sub 2K and a Ruger PC Charger.
I sold both of them and picked up a PSA AK-V.

The Sub was an ok gun and I never had any issues with it but then my round count was low.
The Ruger ran fine using the Glock magwell adapter even though the mags were loose when installed.
Accuracy was decent with both, I shot them at 25 and 50 yards. Reliability was good with both and both were decent suppressor hosts.

Both of these PCC’s are completely outclassed by the AK-V. It is a superb gun. I originally bought it as a fun gun but since owning it I use it as my primary home defense option.
It has been 100% reliable, suppresses really well, runs any kind of ammo I feed it and is very accurate at my usual 25-50 yards.
The controls are simple, magazines are cheap ($15 for 35 rounders) and with a folding brace, it fits into a small discrete backpack.
It is more expensive than either the KelTec or the Ruger but is a much better gun in my opinion.


Just wanted to come back and say thank you for the reply, @AV8R. I appreciate the input about the Ruger as compared to the S2K. Also thanks for suggesting the AK-V – it wasn’t on my radar at all.


No problem at all.
I’m a big fan of sub guns and the choices are many!!
I’m not trying to spend your money for you but……. everyone that has shot my AK-V walks away smiling and muttering about buying one😉


Say AV8R, I have the Sub2K in the FDE color, “second Generation” I have many of the McCarbo options on mine, Steel Feed ramp, Recoil Buffer, Recoil-less charging handle, muzzle brake, soft bolt tube cover, extended sights, extended mag release… So, I like mine a lot. I shoot IDPA Matches, about 10 per year, and find it very releiable, and “soft”. A few other guys have the the Ruger Charger. If dollars are a concern, choose wisely, and see what is available today. I notice the Ruger, with the Glock mags and adapter, seems to have more miss-feeds amoungst the shooters. Casual observation!! There are no “long” shots, 25 yards, MAX. I know the Sub2k has 3 different “stock” positions, not sure on the Ruger. I find the the close quarter shots can be a challenge, so I play with the stock length as the stage requires. I believe it helps. My Opinion. Enjoy your choice… 12/4/2021


+1 on the AK-V.

If anyone’s shopping, I’d choose PSA and avoid the Kalishnikov USA KP-9. I’ve observed some sloppy manufacturing issues that K-USA have been unwilling to deal with. Specifically, defective mags and/or mag catch out of tolerance. The mag for the KP-9 are more or less proprietary. The only other source for mags is a Russian supplier, so you can expect the supply to dry up in the US for some time to come. I gave up on the K-USA customer support honoring an obvious warranty issue and fixed the problem myself.

The PSA AK pistols on the other hand all get rave reviews. I have the 7.62 pistol, not the 9mm. No issues at all.