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Ruger PC Charger 9mm Pistol

I recently got this put together. It has a Vortex SPARC II red dot, SB Tactical pistol brace and set up for Glock mags.
Had an issue with stovepiping at first but, it clear up.
Would like to see an aftermarket Glock adapter made(hint, hint), that was sturdier and would make the Glock mags, more secure. There is a lot of play , when the mag is inserted.
Anyone else have one?





Just did a couple of modifications to mine.
Moved the finger stop forward (much better for me)
Installed an A3 Tactical folding brace. All aluminum, locks open and closed, very light, excellent brace.


What case are you using? Have my Charger on order and have been trying to find a decent case/ bag for it.

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It’s a Ruger factory .22 Charger Take Down Case.
I think I found this one on EBay but I’ve seen them sale online.

Thank you sir!! I’ll take a look and see what I can find!! Have a great weekend and Happy 4th of July!!

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No worries, the bag in the EBay link is an active auction. It works well for the PC Charger.
Happy 4th. :us:

Here is mine configured for one arm wheelchair shooting. I don’t have the Crimson Trace LNQ-100G LINQ WIRELESS GREEN LASER SIGHT & TACTICAL LIGHT FOR AR-TYPE RIFLES installed on it yet. I have that on all my AR’s and love them.



@TKRUPINSKI Great pistol and setup…congratulations!:v::sunglasses:

Hope to have one too in the future…:eye::boom::boom::boom: