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Ruger PC Carbine

Just got it … now doing usual fuction inprovment work any other sugestions?


I got nothing other than a little bit of jealousy! Congrats


was going to get one (have a couple 10/22s and a MkIII), but i liked the s2k folding option better - i’m sure it’s a great shooter… my little Charger Takedowns are pretty darn accurate for my needs…

be sure to check out rimfirecentral - lots of institutional knowledge there

on the Gulf of Mexico


10/22’s are the best you can run.em haed and put them away wet and they’re good to go the takedown threaded versions are better yet have the rifle and pistol takedowns both threaded after changing recoil springs they work great suppressed all you hear is bolt havent canned the PC yet but soon

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someone makes a adaptor that locks on the 10/22 so you dont have to thread the barrel, who was that, oh yea. NTC trading co. plus you cave the cost of getting it threaded and keep the front sight.

comes in thread size 1/2x28 or 3/4 x 16


Please let us know how it runs! I’ve looked at this weapon, but have currently run down the PCC AR-15 platform, and want to see how that goes before looking at anything else. I had originally wanted an upper and mag well adapter so I could use existing lowers, but all the comments I read on them were not that good, so I’ve chosen to build a dedicated 9mm and .45 AR on ‘proper’ lowers. So far, the 9 seems pretty nice, but the .45 is needing some ‘tuning’. So I’ll continue down this path until we get nice weapons, or give up.

Like Willie, we have a 10/22 and a couple of 22/45 Lites that we really like. It looks like the Ruger PCC does many of the good things, like switchable and/or ambidextrous controls, 10/22 trigger parts, which should make replacing the FCG with something that feels better, and it breaks down like a 10/22 Takedown. I like all that, and will have to hold one some day soon.

It does seem a bit heavy, but I’m finding most PCCs to be a ‘portly’. It’ll be great to read about how yours works.

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We have a ruger PC carbine and really like it we have it set up for glock mags. it has a not so bad trigger but just received my trigger kit from Mcarbo and am gonna install it this morning.Watched a lot of videos and bought one of those small red dot scopes and the rifle is aa good shooter, and fun. will post after this weekend when we go to the range and try out the new trigger.It really don’t need one but we bought it and it doesn’t have a threaded barrel so we can’t find a a bolt on adapter to put a muzzle brake, was looking the morning and did find one but 275.00 dollars is out of hand, So if you get one make sure you get a threaded barrel.