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Ruger PC Carbine Shock Buffer


Chris asked me to drop the Prototype Ruger PC Carbine link to you.


We’re offering an option to participate now by ordering the prototype for $10 (includes free shipping) and you will receive a $10 discount (includes free shipping) on the final production part.

Feedback should be submitted as quickly as possible, but no later than January 6th, 2020.

Thanks for your support!
-Patrick R., Lead Gunsmith


Just ordered the PCC Carbine prototype buffer pad. Glad you guys got this out! I have most of the MCARBO mods for my PCC9 and they ALL greatly improved my firearm experience.

I’m new to the forum as of today…lots of catching up to do here.

Thanks MCARBO Team!


Ordered mine last night. Will pop it in and test right away.

I have “essentially” solved my stovepiping issues with new extractor, heavier spring, genuine Glock magazines, polishing and continuous cleaning of the ramp and to me the most important, careful selection of ammo projectile profile. Large blunt shapes are out! Just have to be selective of the hollow points I choose…


If you’re looking for a defensive round for the PCC, you might want to give these a shot (pun intended).

I’ve had no issues with either, then again I haven’t had any issues with the Ruger to date, save an issue related to cheap mags and an error on my part when installing the MI chassis (forgot my VC3 and front takedown screw loosened up causing feed issues).


Federal HST Tactical 124gr +P has ran well when we’ve been doing some of our testing.


Ordered one yesterday and looking forward to trying it out. Be glad to provide feedback.


While I wait…which won’t be long…I installed the new Exact Edge Extractor, A2 Bolt Pin Set, and the Flat Faced Trigger yesterday, and cleaned my PCC for new action. I already have the Extra Power Recoil Spring and Hybrid Muzzle Brake installed.

Looking forward to the Shock Buffer change…will report back soon.

I will shoot with the OEM buffer first then change to the MCARBO …that way I will be able to compare side by side.


I have put all the MCARBO mods on my Ruger PC Carbine, and ordered the proto type buffer pad. The gun shots great,I haven’t had any problems, it shots any ammo I put through it.Very happy with MCARBO accessories!!!



Welcome to the MCarbo Team, Frank…

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@Felp57 Welcome to the Brotherhood

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I received the buffer on Saturday and installed it on Sunday. During the install, I shot a side by side photo of the old and new parts. This week will be the only time I’ll be able to shoot, but at least I’ll be able to run a couple of hundred rounds through it. After that I’ll take comparison photos again. Hope this will help somewhat in the development process.


Received mine Sunday. Today I’m doing some minor out of gun shock tests before installing it. I think I know what it is made of, and I might be able to tell prior to installing. Definitely looks interesting!

I fired 200 rounds through my Ruger PCC 9mm yesterday with the prototype recoil buffer. When I disassembled my weapon I did not see any wear on the prototype buffer. There were no nicks, dents or observable wear on the prototype buffer. Keep in mind my Ruger PCC 9mm has all the upgrades CARBO offers with the exception of the neoprene cheek pad offered by CARBO. I shoot a lot and shoot reloads and that may affect my results. I will update this review after I fire another 200 rounds in the next week or so.


PC9 recoil buffer thoughts.

In breakdown mode, I racked the boltcarrier several times to get some what of a feel and sound of the mechanism with OEM buffer vs. MCARBO buffer, Then shot with OEM and then MCARBO buffer

crisp Muted/ more muffled

Gun PC9 Mod 19115 MCARBO/ muzzle break,Trigger spring kit, recoil spring
TANDEMKROSS victory trigger,

Perceived recoil reduction with MCARBO was about 30-50%. much easier control.
Rate of fire was as fast as the range would allow.

Ammo Sellier/Belllot119grs SB9A
25yds rested
sights Primary Arms 3X illuminated ACSS
Primary Arms AD MDS Red dot

                                                HERE ARE THE TARGETS

  Left targets w.  OEM buffer                         Right targets w/ MCARBO buffer
  Lower targets with 3x optic                             Upper targets with red dot
      2 rounds of 5                                                      2 rounds of 10

Lower left target NOTES
Ignore scatted shots. that was from me zeroing the red dot.

The targets have, sighting system used, on targets shoot

The sighting system has rifle located above in relationship where mounted on rail.


Test Day #1: 12-19-19 Outside Shooting @~48*F Sunny Day
Ruger PCC9mm Take Down (First Generation Model)
Two OEM Butt-Stock Spacer Pads Installed.

I had to wait for warmer weather to test shoot in a t-shirt!

All rounds: Blazer Brass 9mm 115g FMJCPRN

Test hard manual rack from both buffer pads with empty chamber/magazine. Both felt the same with a metal clang when the bolt hits the pad.

10 Rounds with OEM buffer pad: Noticeable recoil. 0-malfunctions.

10 Rounds with Prototype MCARBO Shock Buffer Pad: ~30-50% less recoil! It reminded me of my 10/22! 0-malfunctions.

It makes me wonder if the first 10 rounds were 124g? So another better “controlled” test with 115g & 124g is next.

I normally shoot both 115g & 124g fmjcprn when I shoot. Always comparing and trying to notice the difference.

Until the next test…but so far very impressed and happy with the MCARBO Prototype Shock Buffer Pad.

MCARBO Mods for Ruger (First Generation Model) PCC9mm Take Down Carbine to date:
Final Exact Edge Extractor
A2 Bolt Head/Extractor Pins
Extra Power Recoil Spring
PROTOTYPE Shock Buffer Pad
Flat Faced Trigger
Hybrid Muzzle Brake

PS: I double checked my cartridge boxes. ALL ammo was the same 115g fmjcprn.



Is there a video or instructions for installing the prototype Shock Buffer Pad ?


Removal of bolt assembly starts around 2:25

Oh, and welcome to the Brotherhood. Feel free to post here and introduce yourself to the rest of the crew.


@deepblue Welcome to the Brotherhood


The Ruger video doesn’t show how to remove the buffer pad.

I recommend changing the Recoil Spring and Shock Buffer Pad at the same time. Two great mods.
The MCARBO video has good instructions…@~4 minutes.
Make sure you are wearing pro safety glass! Be aware of the correct placement of the retaining ring…mentioned in the MCARBO video.

You do not need to use a screwdriver to lift the pad and bolt out or compress the bolt/spring when lifting out of the receiver.


Thanks, That’s exactly what I have, the buffer pad and the recoil spring. Now, just need a break in the weather here (NY). Supposed to be a bit warmer in the coming days and hope to get to the range.