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Ruger PC Carbine FTF/FTE Issues

Hi all, I’m running into FTE/FTF issues with my PC Carbine with the All-in-one Pro Performance Bundle installed which I installed prior to shooting its first rounds through it, so I’ve never shot it while it was using the stock parts.

The ammo I used so far:
Sellier & Bellot 115 Grain - 1 FTE/FTF per 10-round magazine
Winchester Service Grade 115 Grain - 2/3 FTE/FTFs per 10 round magazine

Not sure if it’s the ammo or if I need to revert some parts back to stock. Any suggestions/ideas?


@HansMoleman welcome to the forum jr


Hello and welcome @HansMoleman

It’s most likely just part of the break-in process. KEEP SHOOTING

Are you using Glock or Ruger mags?

The only stock part I would reinstall is the recoil spring…even the Ruger one needs time to loosen up…IMHO.

Check out this thread…

Ruger PCC 9mm stove piping with glock magazines


Thanks for the warm welcome, fellas. I’m using Glock magazines. I’ve put about maybe 200-300 rounds through the rifle. At what point do I consider it past the break-in point and an actual issue with the rifle?


How OLD are your Glock mags? Weak springs can cause malfunctions.
Use a new mag for a new gun to eliminate possible malfunctions.

When it stops malfunctioning for ~100 rounds it should be broken in.
It took over 500 rds. in mine.

Some PCC’s have no issues right from the start.


I picked up the Glock magazines the same day I bought the rifle so they’re brand new.

I guess I’ll have to shoot it some more, hopefully the issues clear up. It’s rather annoying having to clear malfunctions every 3rd round.


@HansMoleman Which model do you have? Have you had any unintentional double fires yet?

Try switching to 124g or heavier. I prefer 124g.

Are you riding the trigger reset feature or fully releasing the trigger between shots?


I have this model: Ruger PC Carbine

I’ll try a heavier round, see if that helps. I typically ride the trigger reset.

Could this have something to do with it? Changes to PC Carbine and Charger Trigger Group and More!

I know the trigger spring kit and the extra power recoil spring were included with the All in one performance bundle and they are currently installed on my rifle.

Maybe I should revert the springs back to stock?


It might be an issue on the trigger spring…:eye: never purchased or installed that kit. OEM trigger internals are fine for me…:eye: did I stall the M*CARBO Flat Trigger and love it…:boom::boom::boom:

The Extra Power Recoil Spring is working fine on mine…so it’s staying on.

Have you contacted Chris at M*CARBO about this? :eye: would start there, keep firing…re-evaluate the issue and drop the OEM recoil spring back and shoot at least 200 rds. If needed.
Re-evaluate again.

Try 124 g first “As Is”.

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Really hate to hear you’re having issues with your PCC, they’re great guns out of the box. Can’t really speak to those mods but I’m sitting at 2130 rounds down the pipe on mine (she eats anything), basically bone stock (except for the MCARBO flatty trigger) running the Glock mag adapter and the only issue I’ve had is with some fasteners on the receiver and sights getting a little loose from use (VC3’d and all is well) and two or three FTF from two Promags on first use. Magpul Pmags and genuine Glocks run flawlessly, and they’re absolutely filthy at this point as well.

When adding mods it’s tempting to do them all at once. While it takes longer, there is some merit in doing them one at a time just in case you run into an issue. Easier to figure out the culprit when you’ve only changed one thing. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, and welcome to the Brotherhood, @HansMoleman

EDIT: Must correct myself here, I forgot, I do have the stainless recoil spring retainer and the bolt pins and extractor. The pins were showing minimal wear but still functioning fine, I did the retainer to get rid of the stock plastic part.


I doubt the trigger group has much to do with FTE/FTF unless the hammer is hanging up and not allowing the bolt to travel back properly, and I’ve never seen that happen. The hammer’s work is done once it drops - after that it’s the bolt, particularly the extractor, plus the ejector on the magazine well. Do you have any problems using the Ruger magazine? That’d be the first thing I’d try - fire a couple magazines to see if it gives you the same problems. Then I’d look at the extractor closely.

If no joy, then put it all back to stock, fire it some more, and if still no joy, contact Ruger and see if they have a solution.


So I just came back from the range and after putting back the factory trigger springs, the PC Carbine was eating ammo, both Winchester SG and Sellier & Bellot 115gr, like it was candy. No FTE/FTFs over 150 rounds. Prior to that, I was getting at least 1 malfunction per mag, sometimes 2 or 3.

Thank you all for your input! Y’all are the real MVPs!


Just the trigger springs? Well, I learn something new every day. Glad it’s running for you now. I haven’t upgraded anything on my PCC because it didn’t need it. Trigger pull is only 4lb 7oz and smooth as butter after polishing.


This. They gotta run to be fun and the Ruger PCC holds its own. @HansMoleman seriously glad it’s sorted.

And this. Basically, cosmetics and ergonomics aside…though she was good with the poly stock, that tiny forend though…had to go…


I agree. Personally, I don’t think making the PCC a takedown was necessary and would have allowed a better furniture design. I’ve only carried it to the range broken down once. I bought the s2k because it folds and neatly fits under my truck’s front seat in one piece. The Ruger’s two-piece takedown requires a case and that won’t fit under the seat. In any case, I don’t want to spend a lot of cash on it - it does what I want well enough. Maybe later.


I actually like the takedown feature, somewhat for hauling but as much for cleaning. I do have the takedown bag and haul it that way to the range as well, I have two other backpacks I used before getting the bag.

Before MI had their options and Ruger came up with their own tactical setup (probably realizing they were losing potential sales), Parker Mountain offered a heavier extended fore end with MLOK. Love the weight on it as well as the extra purchase for my mitts. It mates well with the poly rifle stock as well as MI’s tactical chassis and it doesn’t hide the fluted barrel.

This is how she looks now.

This is how she looked before the MI chassis.

I’ve actually considered grabbing another one, love the irons…it’s accuracy is almost telepathic…


@HansMoleman Glad to hear you got your PCC9 running like she should!

We”ll keep your experience in the tool kit of knowledge. :face_with_monocle:



I like how that looks. I seriously considered getting aftermarket furniture but just can’t justify the price. I have to watch weight - I can only shoot for a short time before I start getting too shaky to hold aim, and heavier means getting shaky sooner. It’s easier for me to justify spending money to make a gun shoot better than look better, miser that I am. LOL

That fore end looks like it has a short rail. I sometimes use a folding bipod on mine. Not much into lights or lasers. I don’t use it for self-defense (got shotguns and pistols for that), just fun at the range, and since it’s pistol caliber, I can shoot it indoors at my LGS during bad weather. :smile:


The MI chassis wasn’t cheap but not absurd as gun gear goes, either. I did it mainly for improved ergonomics, LOP is usually an issue for me and I wanted more than I could get with the factory poly stock with all spacers. That said, if I had no choice I could work with the factory stock and did for a long time.

With the PMM handguard and MI chassis, she’s packing a bit more bulk than before. I do find the extra weight a benefit when driving from target to target.

I agree, function first. Always. That said, this thing has been a champ since day one and hasn’t needed anything on that end. I know a lot of people throw red dots on them and, I suppose with some of the newer models that have no irons, you have no choice. Even with my old eyes the irons still work for me, I’d go so far as to say they’re some of the fastest-to-acquire irons I’ve ever used.

It does, three sides of MLOK slots so I stuck a bit of 1913 on the bottom of it (as well as all three ARs). I picked up an inexpensive Atlas bipod knock-off from Amazon and use it for bench shooting in lieu of bench bags. I can’t get them stacked high enough and the bipod gives me the extra height I need. It’s got a QD mount so I can throw it on any of the four guns in a few seconds.

I suppose I could in a pinch but I’m using mine for the same, fun, and it never disappoints. I genuinely do feel badly when someone posts here with an issue relating to their PCC, I’ve not had a single issue that was the gun’s fault and it’s sporting twice the round count of any other firearms I have, save my first pistol (though still a good 800+ rounds over that one). She has a healthy appetite and likes to run. :grinning: