Ruger PC Carbine Empty Charging Handle, Ideas 💡

I’m not sure where this should go so if it is inappropriate, please let me know where I should post.

So here I am, I’m looking at a PC carbine chassis model and it has an ambidextrous charging handle feature. What can we do with this? Another charging handle so my son who is left handed can be comfortable and I can too? Or… something else more clever. Something MCARBO could create that would benefit PCC owners and possibly entice people on the fence.

So we have an empty hole for a charging handle that will do nothing but gather debris and gunk over time. It’s reciprocating so it moves. My first thought was just a plug, something in colors maybe if anyone does the accent color stuff. Easily machinable / producible. I’d pay 5-7$ for that.

Mine is for the range and home defense. Being that it falls into the home defense category I don’t think :thinking: we would want anything that would add unnecessary complexity to the gun, or anything that could at all compromise the functionality of the gun.

Any ideas :bulb: come to mind with what MCARBO could produce that could take advantage of an empty charging handle hole? Or something that takes advantage of both? A larger charging handle that you can grip from the top? Everyone has seen the AR charging handles that are ambidextrous and you can just grab one or both to chamber a round.

The issue is that it is a reciprocating part and would essentially make the top rail unusable for optics. Something could be done though, I just can’t get too far beyond the plug concept. Any thoughts?


I have handles on both sides. Mainly so I can use my left hand to charge so as to keep purchase and sight picture.


I use a larger aftermarket handle on the left and the factory on the right. I use the factory irons which leaves the top rail clear of obstructions…so I can charge from the left, right or with two fingers over the top of the receiver using both handles (more like a traditional AR charging handle).