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Ruger PC Carbine chassis model handguard issue

I just pickup my new Ruger PC Carbine chassis model 19122. After looking over the rifle I noticed the forward handguard is offset from the barrel. If you are looking straight into the muzzle the handguard is canted to the left . I understand the reason for the barrel not being centered top to bottom since the barrel needs to line up with the receiver, but it seems odd that it wouldn’t center left to right. I am sorry but that drives the OCD in me crazy. Is it designed to be that way or does others owning the same model have the same issue ?


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Is the barrel locked all the way into the receiver? My handguard doesn’t cant at all. You may need to adjust the barrel adjustment ring to allow the barrel to completely lock up with the receiver.


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Welcome here @cotswold3716 I have the Midwest Industries 12” hand guard with no issues. Have you called Ruger on this? Searched what others have found? Hope you get it resolved easily.


Welcome aboard!! I have one w/Midwest Industries & a Ruger version & both are perfectly centered. I had to adjust the barrel ring on my M.I. version.


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The barrel is completely locks in. I have had the rifle apart many times. The barrel / receiver connection is not the issue. It is the position of the handguard mount on the barrel assembly itself . Every line on the receiver chassis and the barrel handguard matches up. It just seems like they missed something in the design of the handguard.


I’d take pictures and contact the company. At the very least, talk to your gunsmith and get his opinion. If your gunsmith is like mine, he’ll shepherd it through the entire repair process.


Pictures please!!! It would help.


I just posted in a different thread so I apologize for double posting but I wanted to add that I think I’m having the same issue as you are. Have you been able to figure it out?

Ha…a year later I see this thread has been resurrected.
I have the 19122 also. No issues with handguard/barrel alignment.

Mine was the same, looking straight down the barrel , the hand guard was off center left to right. I corrected the problem by loosening the allen head screws that hold the guard to the barrel. Then measured the correct distance between the barrel sides and the guard. Once I got the guard centered , I made some spacers to slip into the spaces between the guard and barrel to hold the guard in place while slowly tightening the mounting screws. Be sure to rotate back and forth between screws during the tightening process to keep the guard centered. This worked for me, also I use some blue loctite on the screws to keep them from loosening during use. Hope this helps.


Hey, I have the same problem with the crooked handguard on my PC Charger unfortunately. Mine seems to be leaning towards the 1 o’clock position.

I’m glad to hear you’ve manually corrected your problem but I’m not sure I want to start fiddling with my PC Charger as it’s completely new and still under warranty.

If you were to replace a defective part to correct the issue, which part/s would you suggest Ruger replace?