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Ruger PC Carbine .40cal

Ruger PC Carbine .40cal

Don’t see a thread on this, but M*CARBO is making some parts for it.
I got in the improved mag release and the Muzzle Brake.

These parts have arrived (thanks), maybe the rifle will arrive soon.

The mag release looks to be a good thing as I am often in gun fights where 31 rounds go quickly, and I have just a second to reload a mag.

The Muzzle Brake is claimed to improve things like recoil, (which is devastating on a .40cal), Muzzle Flip, and be a Flash Hider (very important).
This is a quality made item. For me it is more of a cosmetic thing. I really don’t see how one with out a suppressor could be with out this. I 100% post “job well done”.
It is great to order something, and on arrival see expectations were exceeded.

I hope M*CARBO will keep looking into this rifle.


Got this .40 cal in and just have not had time to load it up and fire. Today am just too lazy.
I put on the MCarbo parts.
I have taken it down and looked inside. U-tube is great as to help with many things.

My first take is the on board sights are my best option over say mounting a red dot.
I mounted a lazer - Crimson Trace CMR-206. I think that is best for my needs.
I don’t see me firing it at distance beyond plinking at a Coyote after my cats.

Maybe tomorrow I will get to sighting it in.
I have a couple .40cal bore sight things.
One is like a bullet you load in. Using that can get the Crimson Trace close enough.

The rifle is well made and solid as one would expect from Ruger. It is on the heavy side due to the stock.
I suspect aftermarket will soon have lighter Archangel type things.


Fired off the deck some, but no real shooting yet.
Keep in mind that I am not a hunter.

This Carbine is OK. You expect that from Ruger.
I have gotten familiar with it. It is easy to take down for cleaning.

It comes with nice sights, both are on the barrel end.
I can’t think of any reason to add optics. No need for a scope in my case. I have a nice extra red dot, but can’t see why I would even mount that.

I added this laser:

I have a laser made like a bullet you rack into the barrel. It shines out the barrel, then you can adjust things to that. After mounting, the Crimson Trace laser above was almost on the dot. Not much adjustment was required.

The deal now is that in normal range for a .40cal, not much aim is required. Put the bright green dot where you want the bullet and pull the trigger. If you are shaking some, follow the target with the green dot and pull the trigger 30 times.

For the $$ this seems to be a good deal.

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