Ruger PC Carbine .40 caliber

Hi everyone,

I just have a concern about something I’ve been noticing about the Ruger PCC parts from M*CARBO. I occasionally browse the site to see if there are any new products available and just today I noticed that the Ruger PC Carbine A2 Tool Steel Bolt Head Pins & Extractor Pin Kit has (9mm only) beside the description.

I must confess, I feel somewhat misled. I purchased this kit in December, 2019 and installed it in my .40 caliber PCC. In June 2020, I noticed the head had sheared off one of the pins. I contacted customer service and they informed me that there was a bad batch and promptly replaced them. No problem. But now I am being led to believe that there are two different designs for which M*CARBO was initially selling as a universal kit for both the .40 and 9mm versions. Now I am concerned that if these pins fail in the future I will have no alternative to replace them.

Quite frankly, I feel M*CARBO has hung us .40 caliber users out to dry. The muzzle brake in .40 is no longer available, and the recoil spring is no longer available at all. But before it was dropped, it was being marketed as 9mm compatible only. I also have that product installed which was initially sold as universal.

I am thankful that I purchased all of the upgrades before some were dropped, like the recoil spring, trigger spring kit, and the .40 caliber muzzle brake, because for all intents and purposes, I can no longer purchase any aftermarket parts that are .40 caliber specific. I understand that .40 caliber seems to be dying, much to my disappointment, but I purchased the PCC specifically to pair with my SR-40. I was disappointed in all of the factory malfunctions and was excited to learn about M*CARBO and eagerly looking forward to them as a viable option to fix the rifle’s problems.

So, does M*CARBO just quietly drop .40 caliber support, and forget about us? It sure seems that way. I hate to be a jerk, but I can no longer support your company as a customer. It seems like a lot of deception and misleading happening, IMO. For instance, when I sign into my account and go to my order history for 4 different purchases, the products that are no longer being offered that I purchased before they were discontinued don’t even show up at all. It’s like I never purchased them and they never existed. I don’t appreciate this type of business model.

Sorry to say, you’ve lost a good customer.


Curiouser and curiouser

I doubt seriously that Chris has time to moniter this forum… he probably is unaware of your concerns. Have you actually spoke to someone in customer service? Take a deep breath, and give them a chance to make it right for you. Ruger still shows the .40sw available although I personally have never seen one offered for sale this past year or I would have bought one also…I do own the 9mm version and it is a cool rifle.The 40sw is not dead as far as ammo availability, seems that many manufacturers are dropping it as an option. I can’t say for sure, my guess is the bolt for the 40 and the 9mm are the same. I purchased the Ruger PC Carbine A2 Tool Steel Bolt Head Pins & Extractor Pin Kit also and the OD was a bit too large and they were way too tight to work for me. My best guess is that when M-Carbo sees an issue with some of their parts or they fail to sell in sufficent numbers, they just dis-continue them and quietly move forward.I agree with you 100%, an explanation would be nice and helpful to those of us who are scratching our heads wondering what’s up. Good Luck Sir.


Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I am aware that this is not really the proper avenue to vent my frustration, but I guess it kind of chapped me a bit when I watched Chris’ video for the installation of their trigger. He badmouthed Tandemkross in a very unprofessional manner and it left a sour taste in my mouth. Quite frankly, Tandemkross has really stepped up their game and is offering comparable products to M*CARBO and even some intuitive ones like the “Upriser” chassis with the angled stock. I have purchased that product and it is fantastic. I just feel that if you have a good product, it will speak for itself without having to be nasty towards your competitors.

That said, I chose to overlook Chris’ cringe-worthy remarks in the video and decided to continue buying M*CARBO products. But, when I started seeing them drop support for the .40 PCC little by little, I guess it finally turned me off permanently. Perhaps I should drop customer service a tactful complaint and see how they respond.

Thank you again for your post.