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Ruger MkIII. Improvments

How about some ruger MK I, MK II, MKIII and MK IV trigger Improvments.
One of the most popular 22 Cal pistols made. The market will take care of itself if the improvements are available.

The ruger mk II government target model is the best .22lr pistol, don’t mess with perfection.


I hear ya but the push button takedown of the Mk IV is slicker than snot on a new doorknob (and probably should have been implement a few marks ago…). My only wish is that they made a metal frame for the 22/45, no a big fan of the plastic. I love the look of the classic but the small trigger guard and acute grip angle don’t work so well with my mitts, but lovely guns in all stainless regardless.

Volquartsen made a metal frame for the models up to the Mk III, hoping they have one in the works for the Mk IV, though I’m not looking forward to the price…


The best MKIII improvement?..Volquartsen Scorpion.


Does make one wonder how much of the factory Ruger Mk III is left under all the custom goodness… :thinking:

Pretty sure that’s sporting the same frame they sell for the pre Mk IV 22/45 models…but the price for the frame is quite a bit more than I paid for the entire gun. That said, I’d still consider it if they updated for the Mk IV.

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I purchased it used on Gunbroker and it said little or no use…MY ASS! It had thick green grease/oil all over the inside, so much when you pulled the bolt back it would not go forward on it’s own. I disassembled and cleaned every little piece then went to put it back together…oops, no assembly videos of the Scorpion that I could find so I had to use a MKIII assembly video and it was pretty damn close. It does use MKIII magazines as well.


I’ve come to find that the definition of “use” and levels thereof, at least in regards to cars, guitars and firearms, tends to be a rather variable thing and open to interpretation…with buyer and seller often not seeing the situation from the same vantage point.


I have a Mark 3 target with the Volquartson trigger kit. It’s the smoothest trigger I have. 2 lbs pull with no creep or over travel. It made my Mark a tack driver.

Lots of MKIII improvements available on Tandemkross.com
Ruger® MKIII™ 22/45™

I found the holster i need for my scoped Mark lll.at Tandemkross.com. Thanks for the info. I’ll order it soon.