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Ruger mini 30 issue

Was thinking about buying a Ruger mini 30. While doing some reading I saw that they seem to have a problem cycling the 7.62x39 steel case rounds, (tula and wolf). I have a Ruger american ranch (bolt action) that I fire steel ammo thru all day long with no issues. I also have an AK that has had tons of steel case run thru it. I have more Ruger rifles than any other brand, including a sexy looking Ruger Deerfield 99/44 .44 mag (wish I could find a couple original rotary mags) that shoots real sweet.
Does the mini 30 have legitimate steel case cycling issues? If so what is the fix, if any?


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It is the Berden primers in the steel case ammo that seems to be the issue. Midway USA sells a Wolff Extra Power Hammer Spring (PN#184368, $6.99) for the Mini 30 that seems to help a lot with this issue. Also the face of the factory bolt can be crowned up around the firing pin hole so guys file down this crown making the bolt face flat (the way it should be) allowing more firing pin to protrude to hit those Berden primers.


Is the problem with the face around the firing pin due to repeated use or is this something that comes from the factory not finished properly THEN gets worse with wear. Just wanting to know when I buy a used or new one if I need to go in and do some filing right from the get go.

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@Powerplantman The bolt face “possibly” being crowned around the firing pin is NOT something that happens over time, it can come that way from the factory and is worth checking. Other guys have also filed on the curve just below the tip of the firing pin itself to get the firing pin to protrude a tad more through the bolt face. There are videos on Youtube about this Ruger Mini firing pin issue with steel case ammo that have Berden primers.mini1430bolt1thumbfiring-pin


Easy fix change the firing pin and your little snowbird will eat everything
You need this one
Thanks me later


Finally after 7 months of waiting my Samson Manufacturing A-TM Ruger Mini Folding Stock is due for arrival on Nov. 3. These are made using the original molds and wood from the original stock maker, not a copy or reproduction.