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Ruger LCP Recoil Springs

Why the need for two recoil springs (inner & outer) on the Ruger LCP? I ask this because I inadvertently left out one of the recoil springs when I installed a firing pin spring and trigger spring kit. I took the gun out to test it out at the range yesterday and it performed flawlessly. Sure made the slide somewhat easier to rack.


Poppy welcome aboard!
A lot of small pocket pistols use multiple spring setups. It’s just easier engineering and reduces wear on the guts and frame. Remember that the round is still the same no matter the frame size so recoil would be consistent. It’s just how the gun is designed to mitigate the recoil from said round.
Not be a naysayer, but you may wanna get it back in before you start damaging pins and other components from the increased shock.
If it’s easier for you to slide, imagine the force for the round being easier. Where is it’s now excessive power going? To the internals and frame.


I discovered the screwup and put the spring (double springs) back in this morning. Thanks for your reply.