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Ruger LCP II MCARBO ( spring kit question )

@ChrisNelson I just got the MCARBO Ruger LCP II spring upgrade kit. It says LCP 2 on the bag and that’s a different gun than the LCP II version. Is it the same thing? I know Chris’ video shows him doing it on a LCP II and his website only lists the LCP 2 spring kit. I just want to make good and sure it’s also for the LCP II before I start tearing into it. LOL


@Wedge Scott I know the LCR springs were junk and A’lot of Information on U Tube and all the Complaints!
Speaking Of Have you Heard any Rumors to the Effect that Ruger Arms is Making a 223 Pistol That is Supposed to be Out this Coming Year. Ran into a Couple that works For Ruger Arms and told me this Information.

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LCP, not LCR. And, no clue about any Ruger .223 pistol.



Ruger came out with a 556 and 300 caliber pistols for under $1K… Scott, you know me, I will probably make my own pair before laying the money out for a ‘generic’ build… :+1:NOT PERTAINING TO THE RUGER LCPII MCARBO SPRING KIT QUESTION… Mybadd???