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Ruger LCP II mag release spring replacement

Got the spring for mag release but can not find any installation help ?
Can anyone tell me where to go to get to it.?


all i can find is the picture teardown brother, but i will keep looking.


I see the exploded view and even see the spring inside the mag well but …
I am guessing an angled pair of small needle nose to pull the old one out then reinsert the new into holes in the front of mag well.
Chris must be hiding the video somewhere looking to see who is the wiser to figure out where.

OK i figured it out.
Check to make sure pistol is NOT LOADED
Remove the frame from the grip.
Look, from the top of the grip to see mag catch spring inside mag well.
Using suitable tool compress right side of spring towards center of mag well, or just hook the top of spring and pull up. pay attention to the orientation of the spring ( straight side is to the right-ejection port side of the grip)
Remove mag catch
Orient mag catch like it would be when installed. Find the TINY hole in top of catch. That is where the LONG leg of spring will be seated.
Slide mag catch into grip
Position mag catch in the RELEASED position so hole is visible
Using non magnetized pliers slip long end of spring into TINY hole
Move mag catch into the locked position and using a small flat screw driver slip short leg of spring into the slot in grip.
Re-assemble frame into grip.
Check for function of mag catch and trigger.

Trigger before mcarbo parts

Trigger after Mcarbo parts gave me 3lb 10oz

Take it apart again and polish sear/hammer interface w/ FLITZ / DREMEL and SUPER LUBE synthetic w/ ptfe on interface.