Ruger LCP 380 Trigger and Spring Replacement - Fail!

I just attempted to replace the trigger and springs on my wife’s Ruger LCP. I followed the video to the “T” - watching it a couple times before the effort, and step by step through the process. The gun disassembled exactly according to the video, and reassembled as expected. I tested the trigger/hammer mechanism before assembling the slide, and it worked perfectly. So I was unpleasantly surprised to find that the gun would not cock after the slide was attached. I broke everything down again, and assured that everything was installed exactly as per the video. Everything looks perfect, but the gun won’t cock (with the slide installed).

This is my wife’s gun, so my life is currently at risk - if I can’t get the gun to work! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


sounds like sear hammer catch was missed, or possibly damaged?


I actually figured it out! If you swap the hammer pin for the trigger pin the gun won’t work. However, if you swap them back, then the gun works perfectly! I just hope my wife doesn’t read this post, or I will go from being a hero, (back to) being a heel!


OOOPS eh it happens I am happy ya got it straightened out…