M*CARBO Brotherhood

Ruger LCP 22LR may needs improvements

I’d like an external safety delete for this thing–the safety can accidentally be engaged while shooting, if you shoot with your thumbs high (I don’t, but still don’t like external safeties).

I also hope someone finds a way to suppress it–it would be like the 21A, but thinner, lighter, have more capacity, have an extractor, and be smaller. Since the barrel tilts, I don’t see a suppressor working with it.

I’m seeing a lot of reports of light strikes, especially on CCI mini-mags, which are usually high quality. I’m wondering if the reduced weight striker spring (return spring?) from the MCARBO kit might help (but I don’t want to spend $20 on a kit for one spring that may or may not help). I’m betting an extra-power hammer spring would help. However, since I don’t know what the OEM springs are, that’s a non-starter. I assume the hammer spring is going to be at least as strong as the 380 version, since 22LR revolvers usually have stronger springs.

Anyone have any recommendations or ideas?
I like to stick to high-quality 22LR so I can count on it being reliable, so the fact that minimags are having issues is worrisome. I have heard good reports about aguila, so I just got 5 boxes of their 40gr Interceptor, which is hyper-velocity stuff. I’ll report back with findings.


No problem with mine so far. I don’t use mini mags but I run this little guy on a diet of CCI Standard Velocity.
I too hope to see a threaded barrel for this pistol, that would be fun.