M*CARBO Brotherhood

Ruger LCP 2 much easier way to install power mag release spring

I couldn’t do it the way shown in the video after many attempts at trying the MCARBO power magazine release spring.

My method is much much easier to install. You place the spring in the mag release hole, no grease necessary. Then you hold the spring down with something, I used a plastic punch but you can use anything as long as you hold the spring down.

Then you simply put a flat head screw driver through the mag release as you hold the spring down with the other hand and you easily slide the spring into placement.

Below is a picture to show you how I did it.

I had to use my right hand to take the picture but in the picture below, I am holding the spring into place with my left hand using the punch to push down on the spring, and with my right hand I would use the screw driver to easily guide the spring in. Since I am securing the spring with the punch, it will not fall out as you guide it in.


Update with actually using this new spring.

Before I put the spring on, it seemed every shot to every other shot I fired was a guaranteed mag release.

After I put the spring on, my very first time I fired it the mag released. Then I fired maybe 10-15 more times and the mag did not release.

This thing definitely works. I just don’t understand why the very first time I fired had the mag release and then never released again. I did load about 2 rounds at a time to check for slide holding back. I will test more at the range, but so far very good results. If I can fire another 10 rounds without the mag release then this thing is a must because it was releasing almost every time before I put this new spring on.


Final update on this modification.

I’ve put 100’s of rounds through my Ruger LCP 2 and never had another mag release after this modification.

I just don’t get how ruger would not update their LCP 2 with this mag spring and make it standard on all new guns sold and repairs. It is such a simple and cheap fix, makes me question rugers quality.

But that is why I would only carry glocks if my life depended on it and not a Ruger. I don’t trust most gun companies either, so its just not Glock.