Ruger LC9 Trigger Spring Kit

I received the LC9 Trigger Spring Kit, watched the video and then started the process of replacing the springs. After removing the frame insert, and placed the frame insert down on my work bench the safety came flying out, what had happened unbeknown to me is the safety was broken into two pieces just forward of where you place your thumb to operate the safety. The break was so clean that when you put the two pieces together it is hard to see the fracture line. The reason the safety had continued to work is that it was held captive between the frame and the frame insert, there wasn’t any hint that it was broken.

Contacted Ruger and they sent me a new safety lever at no charge and provided an envelope to send it back to them for evaluation.

After receiving the safety, I completed the installation. The installation was easy and the video for the installation was very helpful, even a caveman could do it :slight_smile:.

Went to the range yesterday and fired 75 rounds with no malfunctions at all.

The pull was lighter, but I cannot say by how much as I do not have a gauge to measure it. The pull was smooth all the way to when the gun would fire, before there was a stage / step that you could feel before the gun would fire which is now gone. I do not know why Ruger designed this trigger in this manner with such a long pull, it is a terrible design.

I would recommend this upgrade to a friend.