Ruger GP100 any experts in the house?

Any Ruger GP100 experts on board?
First post and I’m ashamed to say I muffled up my spring/shim job. Worst yet I can figure out what I muffled up.
The revolver now acts like a single action. However when you pull the trigger the hammer doesn’t drop. The cyl does rotate normally.
Sound like a common issue to anyone?
Thanks fellows!


Some photos for you to point and laugh at. :slight_smile:

Well I figured it out. I can’t run either trigger return spring as provided in my kit. (Older GP100 Yellow box vintage YMMV) Heater works A-OK on the stock spring.

Well that sucks.

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as stated by my brother Mike God rest his soul.

You lost me there on your reply.

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Heater? Not sure what you mean.


Just wanted to share a tip, not sure if you are aware.

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Heater is slang 4 pistol.

I would say that the better trigger jobs that I have done on GP100’s have mostly just involved polishing and reduced power hammer springs, although I have a personal 6 inch GP100 that has reduced power hammer and trigger return springs in it, although it should be noted that I will occasionally get light strikes in double action on harder primers such as Wolf.

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No doubt polishing helped smooth the action DA. I just found it odd the revolver would not function with either of the supplied trigger springs.

I find that odd as well - perhaps you got a bad spring?