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Ruger deerfield 44 magnum carbine

Hi Everyone,

I have Ruger Deerfield 44 magnum carbine that is not wanting to feed unless i use sellier&ballot 300 gr ammo. This gun is a 2006, the last year for this model and has the 4 round rotary magazine. Even in the owners manual it talks about using the proper ammo but after running 5 other brands from 240 grain and up I just can’t believe this rifle is that darn picky.
If any of you has ever messed with one of these, or know of a guy or web site, I’d really appreciate a little assistance.

Take care and God bless


something to do with the bullet profile, weight,FPS, and FTLB of energy spent, it likes ammo at a certain narrow band speed due to the gas sys, to fast bolt timing is off, to slow it doesn’t cycle. find ammo that loads to the same speeds,same bullet weight and style, see if it cycles.

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