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Ruger American 6.5 Creedmoor w/M*CARBO spring

I got the Ruger American 6.5 Creedmoor out to the range today. M*CARBO Trigger felt really smooth and crisp. Great results at 100 yards.



Here is another view with the video showing the trigger pull from the side. I really think this trigger spring works very well with this rifle. When I got home from the range, I had received my new Lyman Trigger Gauge from Amazon. So I tested the pull weight with it. The new Gauge shows an average of 2.0 lbs. Sweet!


@opditch You do realize when measuring groups outside to outside on the two farthest holes, you then subtract the bullet diameter from that. 1.06" - .264" = .796" group. That is a sub m.o.a. group. Keep experimenting with different loads and I’m sure you will get that group smaller yet.


I guess I had read that somewhere sometime ago, but completely forgot. Thanks for reminding me.


Creedmore have just been outclassed by the new weatherby 6.5 300 weatherby magnum

@Michel44 it is actually NOT a new round, was first developed in the late 50s as a wildcat. Weatherby brought it back in 2016 for the Vanguard V…

However, at $95 per box of 20 rounds it is NOT going to replace the 6.5 Creedmore!

And since the 6.5-300 is NOT allowed in PRS competition due to NOT meeting max specs in either tactical bolt or open division you are not going to see it replacing the Hornady 6.5 Creedmore in the open division.

Show up with that round and an RO will chronograph you…exceed 3,200 fps for open division and you will be DQ’d.

You have been posting this stuff everywhere…please give it a break.


To John thanks for update please to meet you.

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John sorry I wanted to know if the new caliber 6.5 300 weatherby magnum is compatible with 300 weatherby magnum?

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@Michel44 sorry if I sounded a bit gruff…

The 300 Weatherby is not compatible. It avgs. about 200-300 fps less velocity and costs about $45 per box of 20. :+1:

And while the Weatherby magnum is a good round there is a reason it is not as widespread as other calibers. Simply put, at mid range on medium game there are a whole host of weapons that do the job for less $ and with less recoil. Same goes for long range as well…

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Thanks for advise John.

When Weatherby annouce mark V kruger custem does it meen that they can change the stock?

@Michel44 if you are looking for long range target/tactical shooting the 6mm, 6.5 pretty much rule. Occasionally a .308 will sneak in there but not often.

PRS which is relatively new has a tactical bolt division (.223 and .308 only) and an open bolt division (not to exceed 3,200 fps). And of course they have a bunch of divisions for MSRs as well.

U.S. Military uses the .308 (7.62x51), 300WM, .338 Lapua, and .50 BMG for their long range weapons. They set the tone because whatever they buy ammo costs tend to be less.

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@Michel44 do you mean the Mark V KCR? (Krieger Custom Rifle)?

Friend you really need to run spell check and articulate your posts a bit better. It is difficult to understand you.

@Michel44 here go to this link, it has all of the info you are looking for.

www.weatherby.com /products/rifles/ mark-v .html

Sorry i am french speeking so i tried to translate.Yes exactly .

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Thanks John i am sorry about the language barrier.

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@Michel44 okay, if I may suggest go to the new member page and introduce yourself first.

Then read through the topics that interest you. Before you post make sure it is on topic! (Right now we are off topic for this thread). If you want to do a new topic then do a search first to ensure it hasn’t already been covered.

Other than that…welcome to the brotherhood!

(Right now @Wedge is probably snickering because I am bad for getting off topic!)

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