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Ruger 9MM PCC with Upgrades

After a lot of tinkering and upgrading I’ve finally completed (don’t hold me to that!) my Ruger PCC. I’ve had a lot of fun doing it and in the interim learnt a lot.

In no particular order here are the upgrades I’ve done :slight_smile:

Parker Mountain Machine : MLOK Rail
Midwest Industries : Chasis
Arisaka : Finger stop & offset scout mount (for light)
MCarbo : Flat trigger, extended charging handle, extended magazine release, extractor, shock buffer, trigger group pin kit, bolt head & extractor pin kit and recoil spring retainer.
KAW Valley Precision : 9MM XL Slim linear comp
UTG : MLOK Bipod
Mechforce : MLok rail handguard covers (2 x 3 slot & 1 x 2 slot)
Vortex : Crossfire II 1X4X24 scope with Defender flip top covers
Streamlight : Protac rail mount 2 light
Canis Latrans : E.T Dragon Scope Throw Lever
RedSnake Tactical : Cheek pad
Hogue : Overmolded collapsible butt stock
Magpul : MIAD Grip
Vickers : Two point sling


Great job…how far can you reach out with accuracy?


I took it to the local indoor range last weekend to sight it in and had a couple of issues (charging handle came loose and bad mags) that cut my trip short. I’m going again this weekend to get it sighted in and then I plan on going to the county outdoor shooting complex in a couple of weeks to find out the answer to your question!


@SteveE Which carry bag are you using?

Glock or Ruger mags?

What’s the overall weight?

Looking forward to your range report😎

I’m using Glock mags and not looked at the overall weight of it.

I got the bag from Amazon and it does the job for now.

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Hi - Having issues with Glock mags as well. Thanks to MountainHunter working through. Testing Glock mags again with blazer bullets. In addition testing the Ruger mag. In the interim contacted Ruger and sending a new glock adapter. If it doesn’t get better, I’ll send back to Ruger per there suggestion.


Tested ETS and Glock mags with blazer bullets - perfect day - all went well!! Tried winchester bullets from the range. Added 10 rounds to each - no issues. Strange. But very happy!


Successful trip to the local indoor range this afternoon. Got it sighted in and had zero issues with the 5 KCI 17 round mags I had dry tested using snap caps. Hopefully the issues I was having are now resolved after weeding out the two mags that didn’t feed properly.

Looking forward to taking it to the outdoor range to do some shooting at greater distances to see how I can do distance wise.


When I brought my new PC 19102 home, the action wouldn’t close. After two returns to Ruger they changed out the Ruger Mag Adapter. After returning it AGAIN for over-torqued screws on the rear site, it’s running fine and accuracy at 100 ft is acceptable for my use! I have Mcarbo’s Charging Handle and Muzzle Brake+ Sampson’s full Picatinny Rial for the 510 C Holosun. Later I’ll buy Mcarbo’s extended Mag Release too. I forget who makes the sling but whoever it is,they build it in the US! :us:Resized_20200820_045648(1)001|375x500 .