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And now a word from the 9mm PC CHARGERS big brother 9mm PC CARBINE…:boom::boom::boom::sunglasses:


Here’s a 9mm Ruger PC Charger “In stock and Out of stock” live vendor list:

(Cheapest deal $536.99)


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I’m in! I have a folding brace on back order then I’ll be good to go.


Took my new PC Charger to the range a couple of weeks ago. First magazine (Glock factory 17 round) had multiple failure to eject. Second mag (another Glock factory 17 round) same thing. Third mag (Glock factory 32 round) same thing. Different ammo, same thing.
These Glock magazines are what I’ve used for last couple of years in my PC Carbine with zero issues.
After some web searching I ran across MCarbo, ordered two extractors and pin sets even though haven’t had stovepiping issues on the PC Carbine. Installed both, took to range yesterday.
PC Charger failed to eject first round, had multiple FTE’s on all three magazines. PC Carbine same mags, same ammo no issues.
I have put the Ruger magazine adapter in now and will go back to range to test the PC Charger with the factory Ruger magazines. If these also have FTE’s I’ll have to put factory parts back in and send back to Ruger.
Really disappointing because I’ve never had any issues with the PC Carbine.


I shot mine for the first time yesterday.
Glock 31 round mags, 150 rounds, no failures.
Sounds like something is going on with your Charger.


Take a look at this thread and see if it might suggest a solution.



Welcome to the forum @bblhd672

Have you looked at this thread here?: :eye::sunglasses:

It may take up to 3-600 rounds to break your Charger in. It took a high amount for my PCC9 to cycle 100% reliably. Nothing else worked as far as replacing factory parts go…it was rounds fired/cycled…inspecting and cleaning all parts many times.

Using a NEW magazine with a strong spring would be a good comparison. Your PCC is broke in now and might not need a full power mag spring.

Have you bent the Glock ejector rod up into the bottom of the bolt so it’s dragging? Slamming a Glock mag into the well will certainly bend and damage the ejector. Look at the bottom of the bolt and see if there’s drag marks…move it back and forth and see how close it is.
If it’s bent or damaged follow the methods I used to fix mine.

Can you swap the complete receiver From your PCC to see if the issue still exists? That would be interesting if it’s a stock receiver.

Is the barrel tension adjuster nut set correctly?

Do you cycle the charging handle before shooting after disassembly or cleaning?

I would not send it in to Ruger until doing these steps above.

Let us know what you find.

Can’t wait til I purchase a PC Charger for a companion to my PCC9. :boom::boom::boom::sunglasses::v:


Thanks to all for the suggestions.
I have reviewed the threads on the PC Carbine issues, they led me to purchase the MCarbo extractors and pins.
I don’t have any new Glock mags, so hopefully the issue is less pronounced with the new Ruger mags and I can cycle through a few hundred rounds to break it in.

Back to range using Ruger mag well and Ruger magazines, as well as two new ProMag Ruger magazines (1-17 and 1-32). Still had average of 1 FTE per magazine, however the ProMag 17 twice went through entire magazine without FTE. One of the Ruger mags also went through an entire magazine without FTE.
Total rounds through the PC Charger at this point approximately 300-400. Will go another 300 or so before contacting Ruger.

I’m sold on the MCarbo extractor though, every case looked like it went out in the same trajectory.


Sounds about right to me. Agree the …M*CARBO Extractor is a must have.:face_with_monocle:
Thanks for the update.:v::boom::boom::boom:

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Got one in me hands yesterday at the LGS…:sunglasses:…very nice and chunky. Figured by the time :eye: finish with all the mods it would come to $1,200-1,500.00…and with the ammo shortages :eye: will wait to see if anyone wants to sell theirs all modded for me. :grin:

Will pay cash, gold, silver or trade for something you need…:sunglasses::boom::boom::boom:

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Gun : $599
Brace: $260
Sight: $130
Total: $989
I already had the Glock Mags.
Really the only other mod will be a trigger at whatever cost that may be.
A lot less than $1200-1500.

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@AV8R With tax, shipping, FSL fees, case, Sling, and a few more doo dads $1,200 is pretty darn close. :boom:

Add a $250-300 trigger package and BIMGO…$1,500.00 :face_with_monocle:

What about the suppressor you have and $200 fees? Oh yea now we’re to $2,000.00…:smirk:

The suppressor is not required to shoot the PC Charger.
It also fits many of my guns, it is optional.
I have 5 suppressers, 3 of them will fit the Charger, should add the cost of those and the tax stamps to my total?

All my costs are with tax. I already have a bag and sling.

A trigger is supplied with the gun and it works fine. The only “trigger package” costing that much would be a Volquartsen. Again optional.

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No EXTRA bag, Sling, suppressor or extra red dot for me…so starting from scratch it’s easily $1,200+…:face_with_monocle:

@AV8R It’s the only “next gun” on my list to buy…definitely want one and that’s all it ever takes for me…but for now :eye:‘ll spend $10-20 on raffle tickets if that’s what is offered at the gun show this weekend.:grin::sunglasses::boom:


OK, revised cost list:

Bag $50
Sling $40
Total extra cost $90

Rugged Obsidian 45 Suppressor:
Obsidian $700
Tax Stamp $200
Total $900


@AV8R Don’t forget to add the M*CARBO mods ~ $100…and everything else anyone but you would have to pay… $1,200-1,500…:face_with_monocle::boom: :boom::boom:

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No, not everyone but me, but whatever.

The gun is $600 and will work fine out of the box.
Extras and options can be added over time or, like most people, utilize stuff you already have.



I think I like your math better.

I don’t track upgrade/personalization spending and I surely don’t add it to my balance sheets.

My bet is @MountainHunter has a detailed spreadsheet to support an insurance claim. In his case, this is the value he assigns to his firearms. I don’t. I value mine according to their potential sales price irregardless of what I paid.

I won’t pay for upgrades added to a gun on the resale market. In fact, unless they read my mind and got everything the way I think I want it, I subtract the cost to put it back to stock from my offer. Unless it’s a 1911 fancied by Stan Chen type situation.

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NO…:eye: only mentioned the REALITY COST of purchasing and outfitting a new PC9 Charger from scratch…for ME .

:eye: don’t have any extra parts laying around and :eye:’m certainly not going to strip my PCC9 every time I shoot a PC9 Charger…:flushed::face_with_monocle: And :eye:’m certainly not going to like a bare stock Charger…just like everyone else that has one…:boom::boom::boom:

:eye: didn’t think REALTY was too hard to swallow and :eye: would not purchase a Charger blind to REALITY Costs…still want one…:sunglasses:

Oh really…how do you aim without sights?:eyes::eye::scream::boom::boom::boom: