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Ruger 77/22 - 22 Hornet

I own a Ruger model 77/22 chambered in 22 hornet.
It is a stainless laminated all weather model.The trigger is excellent,not factory.I bought the gun used from a person who passed away.It was part of his collection.It is in mint condition.I have been to the range a few times and at 100 yards its not really impressive at all.I am using a shooting sled,I can shoot great groups with my other guns but not this one.I have tried Hornady 30 grain and Federal 35 grain bullets.I am shooting about 2" MOA but will get a flyer occasionally .Are these guns that bad?I read online they can be improved.Any one have any good tips.I own three Rugers .A Mini -14,a10/22 and this.All have needed to be modified to shoot well.I am getting fed up with it really.I am thinking of selling it and buying a CZ 527.Any advice would be appreciated.


You’ll sink a lot into getting the accuracy you’re after, sell the Ruger and buy the CZ. Don’t look back.


I am going to try shimming the bolt.See what happens.I do like the gun ,hope I can get it dialed in.Im not looking for a Sub MOA rifle but some repeatability would be nice.

I had a Weihrauch HW60 in 22 hornet and loaded 40g Hornady V Max bullets, using 12 grs of lil gun.
Could shoot the nads off a bunny at 100 yards, very accurate and consistent, only down side garbage and expensive magazines.