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Ruger 57 new toy

Was at the gun store yesterday and my buddy says…hey look at this new one. When I go in there it’s like I have sucker written on my forehead. Oh well…I liked it…Ruger 57. Will go to the range today or tomorrow and play. Supposed to be super accurate (the gun not me) because of the speed and bullet weight. Will report back on my thoughts after burning a few rounds. Now maybe I can save my 9mm for my Sub-2000!


Welcome to the brotherhood @Burt ! Congrats on your new toy, feel free to print out some targets before you go try it out, and share the results !


Hi @Burt Welcome to the farm!


@Burt welcome to the forum burt



Always fun spending other peoples money :grinning:…and welcome to the forum Burt.


OK…the first 7 rounds did not chamber properly…even after changing magazines. Nothing but “click”. I finally let the slide REALLY hammer down on the next round and have put several hundred rounds through it with no problem whatsoever…must have been trash someplace or just needed a break-in.

With that being said, I love the feel of the gun. It is a rather large gun but is lightweight and doesn’t feel “big”. It comes in a nice plastic case and when I pick up the case I wonder where my gun is…ooooohhhh…there it is…in the case. It comes with 2 20 round magazines and a loaded magazine must be about as heavy as the gun. A loader is a necessity. The spring is stiff and the bullets are pointy!

I have let several buddies run some rounds through it and all agree with me that it feels “right”, is fun to shoot and has a bit less recoil than a nine. I’m sure over time the 5.57 will become more popular.