Ruger 57 after-market parts upgrade

Ok, I am a FAN of what you guys do at M-Carbo. My PC Carbine is fully tricked out with every upgrade you offer. I would love to hear that your company is developing the same kind of stuff for the Ruger-57.
Is this in the works???


Love to hear it! We got a trigger in the works that’ll fit the Ruger 57 and LC Carbine. Here is a sneak peak below. We are about to start production on them. We are also in the works on a trigger spring kit for it, not that it’s very heavy, but we want to get it to around 3-3.5 pounds!


Sweet That is great to hear!!! I know from the PC carbine that there were a lot of plastic parts. Replacing them would be wonderful…like the Mag drop button etc.
Thanks I will be looking for those.