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Roll pin sticks out a tad

I got another hunnert rounds through the M series fiddling with the sights and just having fun with it. Decided to do a full field strip to get the lil bugger cleaned and lubed AND to check for any internal issues that might show up.

All seems pretty good EXCEPT the split roll pin under the bolt which I THINK is for the firing pin rather than the extractor… is sticking up out of it’s hole just slightly.
Can I tap this in flush with a drift and call it a day ?

I put the rifle back together and it function checks just fine, but I don’t like having a pin that isn’t flush and also have zero gunsmithing skills which is prolly not a good mix…


Part 174 is the firing pin pin and 184 is the extractor pin. You can - and should - tap both of them flush.



Seems reasonable to me. Thanks.
I’ll git right on that.