Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY 5cts

Ok, Your printing like a immature libtard here!

My Mommy had to give me permission at 17 before I could hit Paris Island . So Fin What.



Then he’d get charged with perjury. Black testified in the Rittenhouse trial. He said he allowed Kyle to have the rifle. So if Black says otherwise during his own trial or court proceedings, his past testimony under oath will cause him more trouble


One thing is certain, that KR’s acquittal won’t be the end the fallout of this. The gun’s owner will be under court scrutiny in January and you can count on laws being amended in a way that will impact all of us negatively. You can bury your head in the sand and not speculate on the unintended consequences if you like. If Black successfully claims KR constructively stole the gun, KR will be exposed to another felony trial. This time the DA won’t send in the second string rookies to prosecute the case and they may charge him as an adult. Talk to me in 4 months and see if I’m right or not.

Ever hear of double jeopardy? Never gonna happen.


Double jeopardy means you can’t be tried for a crime once you’ve been acquitted of it. That doesn’t shield you from being tried for other crimes.

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@Dreamsinger Wow. Seems like you can’t stop digging. Clueless!


No sensational stories.