Riton Optics - Great Company!

As I had posted in the AR category - I screwed up a while back and my AR fell off the bench at the range and hit the concrete optics first, erasing my tack driver status that I worked to achieve and damaging the red dot (diagonal glare across the focal plane). I sent the red dot and the separate magnifier back to the mfg (Riton Optics) to get checked out and repaired - was honest about what happened and said that I’d gladly pay for repairs and/or replacement. On Monday a box unexpectedly arrives from Riton - with a brand new red dot and magnifier as replacements! After a week of online retailers testing my patience, this was a welcome breath of fresh air. GREAT service and solid products from a veteran owned company - can’t say enough positive things about them. Got lucky about a month ago and scored the Taurus TX22 competition upgrade that’s optics ready and was shopping around for a red dot for it - well, no need for anymore of that, I know what’s going on it now and any other firearms I have that need optics - Riton! Thanks guys!!


Live my X5 Conquer

Great optic at a great price

I put a Riton on my XD 40 service with a Trijicon plate that mounts into the rear sight dovetail.
Auto on off red dot and mount plate for $140. Easily sighted and holds solid. The XD alone is dead ass accurate and with the addition of the Riton, the combo is way undervalued. Too many overvalued guns on the market. I’ve never been impressed with overpriced stock or even highly polished “custom”pieces.