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Rifle Scope Mount

have done many great mcarbo upgrades and prob will do the new scope mount, however, have a spare 3-9x32 bugbuster scope and would like to shoot 100 yds with my 9 mm s2k.

with a high profile cantilever rifle scope mount, do you think i can clear the height of the rear sight and push the scope back far enough rearward to get decent eye relief on the scope?

any tips, tricks, or numbers would be appreciated; thanks brothers !

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I would check the published eye relief for the scope. Then, tie a straw to the scope to represent eye relief. Now, you can sit with the scope and the sub to figure out wether or not the placement is possible.

To the WAG … I’m pretty certain my 1-8 Vortex would be possible since the eye relief is generous.


3” eye relief, pretty standard.
Great idea, really like the scientific approach rather than crossing fingers. Thanks !


@blowback I recently began playing with a 1 x 4 scope and finding adequate eye relief on a low to mid-level scope was a bit tricky. What helped was finding the cantilever mount below. Unlike most which give you 2 inches of extension, this one gives 3 inches and that extra inch makes a big difference. I also am using a Lion Gears cantilever QD riser to mount it which gives an additional inch or so. I’m not sure though that the riser is stable enough but plan to test it at the range this weekend. If not, I have a Lion Gears non-cantilever riser with two QD locks that I plan to use.