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Rifle Scope Mount

have done many great mcarbo upgrades and prob will do the new scope mount, however, have a spare 3-9x32 bugbuster scope and would like to shoot 100 yds with my 9 mm s2k.

with a high profile cantilever rifle scope mount, do you think i can clear the height of the rear sight and push the scope back far enough rearward to get decent eye relief on the scope?

any tips, tricks, or numbers would be appreciated; thanks brothers !


I would check the published eye relief for the scope. Then, tie a straw to the scope to represent eye relief. Now, you can sit with the scope and the sub to figure out wether or not the placement is possible.

To the WAG … I’m pretty certain my 1-8 Vortex would be possible since the eye relief is generous.


3” eye relief, pretty standard.
Great idea, really like the scientific approach rather than crossing fingers. Thanks !


@blowback I recently began playing with a 1 x 4 scope and finding adequate eye relief on a low to mid-level scope was a bit tricky. What helped was finding the cantilever mount below. Unlike most which give you 2 inches of extension, this one gives 3 inches and that extra inch makes a big difference. I also am using a Lion Gears cantilever QD riser to mount it which gives an additional inch or so. I’m not sure though that the riser is stable enough but plan to test it at the range this weekend. If not, I have a Lion Gears non-cantilever riser with two QD locks that I plan to use.

As I feared, the Lion Gears mount with its single point would not hold and loosened after only a few rounds. I replaced it with a cantilever Fyland mount that lacks a quick release lever but is still quickly installed and removed. A photo of that setup and other details of how it performed at the range can be found at this post:


As far as you rear sight post goes just replace it with Mcarbos folding rear sight post! Or just pull it and put the spacer and screws back in!


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Blowback, I know this is a older thread. I too would like to use my Bugbuster scope on my S2K. Just wondered if you had any luck finding a set up that worked.

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Howdy Cpron

I did find a set up that works fine and gives me good eye relief of about 3 inches. And I think it looks good as well. I’ll take a few pictures and look up the parts that I used and will get that to you within the next couple days. It is definitely doable. As you know the challenge is to get the right parts to bring the ocular end of that short bug buster scope back as far as possible to overcome the very forward placed rear sight and wind up with decent eye relief. The other challenge is to mount the scope high enough so that it clears the rear sight, thereby avoiding having to remove the rear sight.

Best, rich

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Simple solution : Scout Scope & reverse the cantilever mount, above 3 power the front sight will disappear at least it did on my AR till I changed to a cantilever mount for a better cheek weld or remove the front sight.


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Thanks The rear sight is a no issue for me. I can fold it down. Look forward to the list.


My bad!

Haven’t use the S2K in several months and I forgot that the bug buster was just Way too short to get any decent I relief even with other maneuvers to bring the ocular and back as far as possible.

Since I was experimenting and wasn’t sure any scope would work I ordered a super cheap Amazon scope ($28) and it’s reasonably functional, I am happy with it.

I’ll post pictures and if you guys want I can look for the Amazon links.

Unfortunately I miss spoke and my memory failed me. Bug buster too short at least for my eye relief…

Nonetheless I was able to mount a usable scope and I am happy with it.

Pinty 3-9x40EG Red Green Rangefinder

Illuminated Optical Rifle Scope, 1”

Challenges are:

  1. scope must be High enough to clear

front & rear sights

Use Riser, reverses cantilever mount

  1. Far enough rear extension from the very

forward mounted pic rail, to allow eye


Cantilever: mount backwards, push

scope back in rings, full length scope,

shorten stock length

Riser: Monstrum RM-7AH, 3.1” length,

adjustable ht 0.6-1.0”, qd release

mount, 3.0 mm hex thumb screws ht

adjust, 7 slot, 15 in-lb torque, use loctite

on screws if permanent mount

Monstrum Tactical Cantilever Dual Ring

Scope Mount, Offset Design, with Top

Rails for 30 mm or 1 inch Scopes, Z08,

1” tube spacer, 2.6” forward offset /

extension, 2.6” ring spacing, 5.7” total

length, 0.8” profile ht, T15 ring screws,

integrated 2 slot pic rails on top of



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@Cpron See the following post and the related one above for a setup that might work to get you the eye relief needed. It ain’t pretty but it works. I generally just run a red dot, but wanted this option to scope the S2K on occasion.

Pinty scope 13 inches long

Ocular end is 4.75 inches behind the rear edge of the rear ring on the reversed cant mount and 2.25” behind the rear sight, 7.75” behind rear of the pic rail that we know is mounted very far forward.

Hope this helps

I’m sure many variations can be done but the geometric challenges can easily be Matt. I’m also running a red dot on an offset mount on the muzzle end of the pic rail

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Yes I believe this cant mount gives you 2” rather than the Lions 3”. I did consider that but I believe it was either not available on Amazon for immediate gratification or too expensive for both. I could’ve pushed back at least another half inch inside the scope rings so the difference would’ve been slight. I did start with the plan to make a spare bug buster work as I have several of them and think they are the best value for the money but just too short.

Let me know how you guys did and please post some pictures. Let me know if you want me to search for the Amazon links on the riser and on the mount but you can search them easily

@JoeFridaySays, thanks for that information. After reading the post I think my old eyes just might go with a red/green dot. Scope. I like the Romeo 5. Hoping that they come out with a green dot version. Going to keep the “Bugbuster” on my S&W M&P22.

Most of my shooting is 50 yards in. Will see how the Romeo does.

Don’t have to have the S2K folded. Just looking at different options, primary arms, vortex, prism scopes or 3-5 magnification behind red dot.