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Rhino Rail for RDB-Lucky Irishman Firearms

Bougth a Rhino Rail from Lucky Irishman Firearms, and alos a Vertex Scope with the mounting from PSA.

All out came pretty nice , see pictures and the Rhino Rail was very easy to install, if you’re doing the Picatinny rails, install them before you do the final assembly on the Rhino Rail, much easier to do.

See picture


I rock nearly an identical set up. I just added a witt machine SMD. It’s a comp that does a killer job shushing the bark of the RDB

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Great, it came out very nice, where did you get the witt machine SMD ?

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It was originally through tactical shit. Com but I ultimately dealt with them specifically and. Shipping and confirmation of payment everything directly from Witt machine

I got green.


Ok, sounds, I’ll take a look directly, great that you like the looks and so do I