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Review Of Red/Green Dot Optics

I own three different types of red / green dot optics.

The first one I bought was $99.00 it has many names and the price will range from $22-$99.
it is a red / green optic with 4 different reticles
. It has very nice optics for indoor use. Outdoors the red & green dot wash out and it’s useless. I have had this for about 18months and the control knob for turning it on and adjusting the brightness is starting to have issues staying on. This I give a one out of five and say I wasted my money on it.

The second optic is the Atibal AT-MCRD Low Profile Tactical Micro Red Dot. (This was recommended by Kona). Atibal AT-MCRD Low Profile AT-MCRD-LP, Color: Black, Battery Type: 1 x AAA, 15% Off w/ Free S&H $114.00
It’s a red dot only with 18 brightness adjustments. It was very easy to attach to the Midwest Industries mount and using the bore sight laser it was dead on at 15 yards first time on the range. I have only had this optic since November 22nd of 2018 so it’s still very new but has been a great optic indoors and out in bright sunlight. I am giving this one 4 out of five because it is so new and it doesn’t have the green dot. I am sure in time I will up this to five out of five.

The third optic is the Vortex Strikefire II Red Dot (4MOA Red/Green Dot) - SF-RG-501. $179.00 @ Palmetto State Armory. This is a larger optic with very good optics the red dot is visable in bright sunlight and the green dot is good everywhere. Features sleek rear-facing controls for power on/off and easy adjustment of ten dot intensity levels lowest two settings are night-vision compatible. Automatically returns to the last dot intensity used when powered up. The 30mm aluminum alloy chassis provides extra-high recoil rating and is waterproof and fogproof. Strike fast! there are many features to this optic. the down side is the control buttons are a little sluggish to respond to turning on/off and changing intensities or color. I give this one 4 out of 5 because of the controls. This is mounted on my CMR30 but most likely it will be moved to my AR-15.




Very good reviews!
I’m looking for a Red Dot with magnification to install on 583 Mimi-14. Have a budget of 350/400$
Never used a red dot, hope this setup will be a good match. @GOBLIN has suggested I get something that if battery goes out the sight can still be seen thru. Good advice
Any input much appreciated.

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Vortex Prism 3x

It’s really designed for a 5.56 but you don’t need to use the bullet drop markers. Honestly 3x is easily sufficient for a PCC.

As before Primary Arms does make 3x and 5x prism scopes too. 5 seems too big to me but you do you.


Here’s the PA 2.5 for $150. You can try the concept for cheap if you want


I bought a fourth optic the bushnell trs25. So far I have been very impressed with it’s function and the ability to use it indoors or outside in bright sunlight. I mounted it on my AR15 pistol along with a green laser. I have a blast shooting this little gem using iron sights, the red dot, or the laser. They are all set for 15yds 45 feet. the distance across my house. This is my home defense gun.


I moved the big red/green optic to my left handed AR-15.IMG_20190106_161258134 (640x480)


I’m a big fan of the StrikeFire optic. I have two of them, both on AR’s. Rock solid and reliable.

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anyone try the cheapo 2x truGlo?

TRUGLO Red-Dot 2x42mm Sight Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000OICEUM/ref=cm_sw_r_em_apa_i_pZVlFbYRTWNJ2

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