M*CARBO Brotherhood

Results for July's "The Great MCarbo Turkey Shoot"

What a great month, new shooters and more Divisions shot. Really close scores all around. So without further ado, I present this month’s scoring.

Division A 50yd Rimfire. (in the order received)
@Moosecall Shooting at his private range firing a Stevens Model 87D shot 38+2 for 40 points
@Teddy_the_Beer Shooting a scoped bolt action fired a score of 46 points
@Festus Shooting a Remington 513 T bolt/peep sights shot 48+2 for 50 points

Division B 50yd PCC
@Moosecall Shooting an S2K Gen 2 fired a score of 30+2 for 32 points
@chilipepper Shooting a Ruger PCC shot 37 + 2 for 39 points
@Teddy_the_Beer Another S2K shot 35 + 2 for 37 points
@Dred shot, in the rain, an AR pistol for 38 points

Division C 50yd .223/5.56 (.223 Wylde)
@chilipepper Shooting an AR 556 and iron sights 37 + 2 for 39 points
@Festus Shooting a replica M16A1ish shot 43 + 2 for 45 points

Division D 50yd Open
@chilipepper Shot his AR 556/irons for 37 + 2 for 39 points
@Captainjack88 Shooting a Ruger Mini14 scoped shot 49 points
@Moosecall Shooting a shotgun no less did well and scored 9 + 2 for 11 points

Division A1 100yd Rimfire
@Teddy_the_Beer Shooting the same rifle as he did in A shot 26 points
@Festus Again using the same A rifle shot 31 + 5 for 36 points

Division C1 100yd .223/5.56 (.223 Wylde)
@chilipepper With his trusty scoped AR 15 shot 40 points
@Captainjack88 Again shooting a scoped Mini 14 fired for 40 points
@Wyo Shooting a scoped AR shot for a score of 46 points

Division D1 100yd Open
@Teddy_the_Beer Shooting a scoped .308/7.62 shot 36 points

Well done shooters! :clap: Division high scores are in bold. Next month’s challenge will be posted up soon, hope to see you all here again! :+1: (If I’ve missed a score, please send me a PM including what Division and I’ll make corrections)


Well done MR. OLD MAN :+1:
Very well organized and easy to understand.
Need next month’s target ASP please.
Going to practice, practice, practice.
Thanks for your efforts.


Agree with this. I’m hoping to shoot more divisions next month, really enjoyed this.


Don’t hold your breath :rofl:.

I’ll send you another pic of the target when I finish this last job today. We can call it confirmation. I’m highly allergic to that conformation thing.


Been following the Turkey Shoot closely. Some really REALLY good shooting going on out there! Way to go, guys! If I can find a place to shoot that’s not almost 2 hours away from home, I’m gonna do my best to throw my hat in the ring next month! :crossed_fingers: