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Restless Leg & Idle Hands

Some of you may know that I’m pretty crafty when I see crafty I mean I was a engineering turned architectural student and recreational inventor and master of repurposing and recycling materials. I’m also so broke I can’t pay attention and suffer from a horrible disease called boredom. Yes folks boredom is a disease and sadly the only cure for it is finding something to do with your time, idle hands and all.

Today’s project is repurposing a carbon/graphite Cervélo PC3 time trials seatpost Into a cheek rest for my SBR using only what I had laying around the garage.

-Ryobi bandsaw
-Dremel + cut off disks + drill bits + sanding drums + shaping bits and stones
-Allen wrench

-Seatpost from a wrecked Cervélo P3C time trial bicycle
-small section approximately 2 1/4 inches long of Picatinny rail off of my wrecked dirtbike
-30 mm scope rings that came with the scope on my rifle
-Baking flour
-wire sieve for thinly spreading flour
-roll of 1.5” wide blue painters tape
-standard size Sharpie Marker
-rubbing alcohol
-various grades of sandpaper/Emory cloth ranging from 350<1000/1200 grit.

I would like to also note that at no time in the construction of this project did I use any sort of measuring device, this was all done by hand and eyeballing it.

Just a brief note the seat post came from a bicycle that one of my former customers left on the roof of his car after competition he pulled into his garage forgetting it was there the only thing that survive with the seat post in the saddle saddle is on my bicycle the seatpost is now serving a new function as a cheek rest.

I’d like to make a cautionary note to everybody if you are cutting carbon fiber or graphite with a rotary tool where I protection and a dust mask you do not want the stuff in your lungs it’s horrible stuff.

This project started off with me cutting the end off then measuring the placement for the scope rings and cutting out 2 areas for them to fit through the body of the post. I then marked the 2 holes and drilled them out to make slots for the rail to adjust the cheek rest. I then slotted the top mounted the rings to the Picatinny rail and then mounted the rail inside the seat post.

And this is work it’s fine and then cover the unformed cheek rest in A very thin coat of Vaseline and then using a wire sieve I liberally sprinkled it with flour. At this point I flipped up the covers on my scope set magnification to zero and then placed my cheek on the rest and settled myself in looking through the scope and adjusting myself until I had the correct eye relief and body position. Satisfied with that I then took a Q-tip and traced around where my face had made a print on the cheek pad. Then traced with sharpie. I then picked the rifle back up and then turned it sideways and situated myself add a comfortable position where I could use my side mounted SeeAll tritium backup sight. As I did before I traced with a Q-Tip where my face made contact with the cheek pad then marked it with sharpie.

At this point I Washed the unformed cheek pad with soap and water to remove vaseline and flower leaving a sharpie marker behind. From here I took a sharpie marker sort it out the size and shape I want to make the pad then took the Dremel with a cut off wheel and rough cut it down within about 1 to 2 mm of line. From this point I switched to the sanding drum and sanded everything smooth down the line bevel in the edges. After this I took A piece 360 grit Emory cloth and continued to work on the edges making them smooth following up with 1000 then 1200 grit sandpaper for final finish.

And that’s it folks that’s how you re-purpose a shattered seat post off a shattered time trial bike into a cheek pad for your rifle with what you had laying about in your shoppe and kitchen cabinet.

Final note: If you’re looking for something soft to rest your face up against and somebody will also smooth out those bolts heads that hold the Picatinny rail in place I’d recommend Close cell phone or even possibly a piece of thick leather that you could A-fix using aerosol contact adhesive used for automotive/marine upholstery.

I also like to add that I did this project or under the effects of Flexeril and oxy hydrocodone and did it all from my wheelchair.

Final note take deux:
I suddenly realize that I really can’t go out to the range because I only have a limited amount of ammo (300AAC) so I’v yet to give it a proper testing at the range. However I do have enough 22 ammunition to last me well into the next millennia so I’m hoping that maybe I can find somebody let me borrow their 22 caliber upper so I can check this out and see how everything works. Also could use a little range time just because I am absolutely frustrated with everything going on in my life and some range therapy would be lovely.

If you all might take a close look at some of the photographs and posting you also noticed one of those cheap Chinese made folding Law Tactical knock off adapters. Yes these things are absolute crap do not buy one and if you do be prepared for it to eventually break. This is one that I got from my friend Mikey, he had installed it on his airsoft gun for some stupid reason and realized that he had no purpose for it and it was just adding weight so I gave it to me for free and said if you can use it be my guest and because I had to cancel my order due to financial reasons for my Law Tactical folder I was happy to except it and will just use it until it breaks.

Stay tune for the next project which will be me Cerakoting the entire rifle camo. I’m currently working on sourcing leftover Cerakote coat from other friend, fortunately I have an airbrush because my girlfriends an artist and she has that kind of stuff. Color scheme will be green, bronze, FDE, and charcoal, I don’t know what I’m gonna do for the pattern yet but considering I’m gonna be moving to Vermont next year I’ll likely go with something more woodsy then front range desert camo looking. If anybody hears from the East Coast and has any suggestions let me know.

Also including pic’s of the stand I built for my Rifle, can’t tell you all how nice it is to have a secure mount when your working on your AR. It’s also perfect to use when sighting it in using one of those bullet laser bore thingies (that’s its technical name Incase you all don’t Know)


PS my apologies for any typos I am on painkillers Flexeril and restless nights sleep. I’m also using Voice to text but Siri/talk to text apparently has issues with my accent. New Englander/Maine With a pinch of Pennsylvania Dutch (low German/Belgium)


@ENTroPicGirl No apologies necessary, it all looks good…you motivate me to do a project.


How do you posted after you’re done or maybe you can do better than me and actually remember to take photographs as you’re doing it. I wish I actually took some photographs of while I was doing this project.


i gave up on the talk to text, with my Appalachian Hillbillie base accent, mixed with south carolina lowcountry geeche overtone, text looks some what like romanian slang… I like the look of that rest, I got a strap on adjustable on the HK93, cause of the height of the STANAG mount, something like that would be more better.cleaner. and i got a spare G3 stock i can play with…
how you feelin darlin?


what i usually do with hunter’s camo, is local flora as overspray patterns. do a base coat, lay your pattern (i use pine boughs) and shoot. let that dry, next layer shot, and on and on. if im doing dark, black or brown as a base. if im doing light, coyote as a base… this one is paint. 10 yrs ago. sealed after paint with satin valspar.


Is that cement board for the base of the stand? I never even thought of using that. I have a 4’x’8’ sheet of that somewhere in my barn. You’re an inspiration. Thanks!


Today is the one month point, IDK how I’m doing quite yet, I’ll update you tomorrow.


MDF (Medium density fiber board) the 1/4 circle support is 1/2” the large base is 3/4” the portion that slips into the magazine is a 2X4. Honestly you could use all matter of materials. Laying in your garage this is just what I had laying about in scrap, didn’t want to cut into a new 4x8 for a cobbled together stand that I’ll be using to service and spray painting.


I was thinking cement board because it’s heavy and won’t move unless you want it to. Yours is still a good idea.

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No the MDF is actually pretty heavy and are usually just clamp it down this is a prototype I will send you the final idea if you like do you have Google/Trimble Sketchup or anything like that. One idea that you could do is make that base plate out of 3/4 or 1” MDF then trace Three 2.5 Plates router out the mdf then glue in the plates then cap with another piece of MDF. For good measure get some of that rubber matting for under area rugs and adhere that to the under side of the stand using contact adhesive

That’s how I’m doing my next stand. Don’t starve a 2 x 4 I think I’m gonna use a 1 1/4 inch piece of cutting board material that I have left over from doing a project for my mom. I should have just enough to be able to make something that looks like a magazine, I probably could even put a little pen in it that pushes the magazine catch up that way when I went to hold the boat open I was gonna pull back on the charging handle and It will stay open. I found some designs on a CAD forum, if you useTrimble/Google Sketch-Up or AutoDesk I’ll be happy to send you a link to the file.


You can just pull the charging handle and press the bolt release to hold the bolt back.


Because I don’t know how to feel sometimes I wait until I get word from my doctor and he tells me how I should be feeling. His determination is I need to go onto the blade again and I can’t disagree with him on this because my expertise are in motorcycles two-stroke motors and race cars I don’t know much about amputations vascular surgery or injections I leave that up to professionals in his professional opinion is, check-in is at seven and then your flight to La La Land is at nine, so looks like I’ll be heading back under the knife and resetting the timestamp on my recovery back to zero or at least near zero looks like it’s time to do this again.

For you or anybody else reading this message I would like to remind you all that this is not completely uncommon to happen, I guess I’m lucky because they’re not cutting away more bone or at least we’re not planning to as of yet.

To address The other thing we were talking about; camo patterns, I’ve been checking out various message boards for Vermont hunters and also using Google images searching for areas around Burlington VT where I’m looking at moving. I am determined that possibly the best type of camouflage pattern to go it would be the colouration and pattern of the Swiss Army. I obviously have a lot of time to consider what to do because well I have new concerns to deal with but I just thought I’d finish off that far from earlier and tell you I think I know which direction I’m going in and actually found and once again on google images search and AR 15 done in roughly the colouration they will be using that I think I would move the edges a little bit more and I got a little softer edge less razzle-dazzle. I have a say have lots of time to consider what to do because well I have new concerns to deal with but I just thought I’d finish off that thought from earlier and tell you I think I know which direction I’m going and I actually found on once again a Google images search and AR 15 done in roughly the colouration that will be using though I think I would mute the edges a little bit more and I got a little softer muted edges, bolt them with a sponge


Thanks, just looking at your pix is enough - I’m not going to get fancy. I’ll use the 3/4" cement board I have because that crap is heavy enough not to need more weight added. I also plan to make several “generic” magazine posts for different firearms. Don’t know if I can make one for my 10/22 unless I sacrifice an old magazine. LOL

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1980a New Zealand pattern good for there as well…


Luck be with ya sister. keep us in the loop. :+1:t4: :+1:t4: :+1:t4: :+1:t4: :+1:t4:


Sent my Gf off to go clear the snow off the car we’re heading out here shortly, I can’t believe it already started snowing here in Colorado. Anyway I’ll keep you all updated; ciao Bello.


Great job, wish I was handy but everything I touch turns to crap, if I take something apart I can almost never put it back together, usually I have to call my son to come over he takes after his mother and handy. Growing up I tried working with my dad who was a contractor after several months he sat me down and asked had I ever considered going to college because I was going to starve working with my hands LOL.