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Requesting Guidance and Info: SubGen 2000 and p17 pistol

Guidance: Seeking opinions on the best carry case for the SubGen 2000 with pockets for mags.

Info: Has anyone fired the KelTec p17? What did you think?


It depends on whether you are going to carry it folded up or not. I’ve got a carrying case that is for the charging cord of a Ford Fusion electric. It fits perfectly in the case and there is a pocket that one could store magazines in, but I need to figure a better system for them as they like to move around and don’t stay put when you open the case up.


P17 won’t be out til November so none of us will have and I haven’t seen any hands on impressions.


got mine in a voodoo 2 pistol case. plenty of room . 4 mags outside, plus 2 large pockets.


. Went with savior gear bag, as it’s also a backpack and has straps. The tough part was the mcarbo flip side mount as you can see in one of the photos. it leaves the mro pretty high when folded. tried another type of bag but it was too tight for that mro to stay out of the way… tons of room for range gear ears and eyes Etc.

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I started with the voodoo case also but it would not fit with the mcarbo flip side mount… keep that in mind.


@Antman22 which optic were you running ant man? mine with the trueglo 20mm would close, as long as i left 2 magazine slots on the front MT. (I put those mags in one of the big pockets)
now with the AIMPOINT not a chance in proverbial hell to get it to close…

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If you have the mcarbo Swing Away optic mount, it really keeps that optic High. I’m running the Trijicon mro… 2.0 Moa… if you have a solid / rigid mount and doesn’t swing to the side and you, are fine with that smaller case.