Request: M&P Equalizer Flat Faced Trigger

Not sure where else to put it but really want to see MCARBO release a flat faced trigger for the M&P Equalizer/M&P Shield EZ. Both firearms use the same trigger shoe and are among the most popular handguns on the market. S&W refuses to sell their flat faced performance center trigger after-market so there are currently ZERO flat faced triggers for these two guns, which are identical for the shoe.

It is an untapped market of under-served customers waiting for something and I’d love it if MCarbo was the one to serve that market. The only item in this category right now is a crummy 3D printed shoe which I’ve tried and is a bit too short with an aggressive lip at the end that digs into my skin.

I would pay whatever asking price MCarbo puts up. I have their P365 trigger kit, spring kit, and firing pin kit and I’m a believer in the level of polish and quality this company puts out. Won’t you please help us?