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Replacement of Sig Sauer 365 spring kit with a Manual Safety

I have purchased a Sig 365 with Manual safety.
I am getting ready to install the Kit and have the manual safety model.
Anyone know if there is anything tricky about the safety removal ?

For anyone interested here is a video from grayguns showing how to install the safety.
I just reverse engineered it .
The removal of the detent is \was accomplished by using a mid sized micro screw driver rested against the SAFETY ONE end of the stop to deflect the detent when moving it from SAFETY OFF to past SAFETY ON in one motion.

If you have a 7 or10 power eye piece it is good to look at the business end of the detent to see it’s profile.

THe parts are VERY SMALL so be sure to have some kind of capture device in play. I usaed a couple paper towles laying over the FCU.


I usually use a large freezer bag so I have enough room to maneuver, I can see what I’m doing, and even if the parts launch hard, they can’t go far and the bag won’t tear.


Thanks for the tip ! :boom:

After I was done i realized if I do it again i will make a diverter with a piece of aluminum trim stock about 1 inch wide


I like this idea. I use a towel or rag to lay over it when there is a risk of launching small parts into orbit. The down side to using a towel is it’s not always easy to see. The large freezer bag idea is a good bit of info I’ll use next time I’m doing a teardown.