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Removing rear sight

Has anyone removed there rear sight. I would like to. The star Allen wrench that I tried to use was not strong enough, so it twisted. Maybe I need a stronger one?


Are you referring to the SUB 2000??


If you aren’t talking about the S2K and are actually talking about the Ruger PCC, it’s a 1/16" hex socket head (allen) to remove the adjustable sight pieces and a Torx (star) T-10 to remove the sight base from the barrel…at least it is on my “old school” Model 19100.


It’s probably Loc-Tite’d so you’ll need to use ‘convincing’ force.

I’m sure your right.

The Ruger PPC I will buy a strong star Allen key

I think that I may need to apply a little heat the the star torx screw.

Does anyone know when mcarbo might be making the trigger spring kit again for the 9mm carbine. I have all the other parts, but wood hate to install them and then find out that the spring kit is coming soon.