Removing factory front sight

Anyone remove the front sight and just use laser or other optic?



Yes. Kel Tec sells a thread protector to cover the threads you will expose; it also covers muzzle threading. Performance Services sells one that covers sight threads but leaves muzzle threads available. Edit to add: Performance Services also sells a rear sight delete spacer if you’re committed.

I have since moved to the Red Lion Folding front sight on my Sub 2000.

I run a Holosun 507C and Olight Baldr Pro on both my Sub 2000 and my Sub 9. My Sub 9 does not have irons.


I use a Romeo5 with a folding sight 3x magnifier.
I like the Red Lion sight Dred has, way better than stock.


I use the Red Lion. It’s a lot more solid than the Keltec factory sight. Mostly though, I just look over top of the sights unless I really need them. I did add a green laser underneath (I see green better). It’s an inexpensive one but works well - but mostly for fun and not for real. It magnifies my tremors and that’s distracting. It doesn’t get in the way, though, and it has a pretty big switch that slides back and forth and is easy to use.