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Remington Nylon 66

Just throwing this out there. I have an opportunity to pick up a Nylon 66 Black Diamond 1984 build with a Simmons 4x (plaything) scope for $200. The rifle looks in REALLY good shape. Any reason you guys can think of not to follow through with this deal? My grandmother had one of these and it could be coloring my decision. Always liked this rifle.


@Shelby do it, I had a chance at one not long ago and passed, now I wish I would have. Don’t be like me lol


Definitely get it! These rifles have been going up in value for a few years now and they are great shooters.


@Shelby Don’t Even Think about it Do it’ I’d give my (left N**) for Another One of these!!


Go for it. That Simmons scope may just surprise you, and the 66 , well it speaks for itself.


Welcome to your happy new home! And a new front sight is already ordered from Brownells. :grin: :grin: :grin:


@Shelby I’m out of likes, but glad you took our advice. The only reason I didn’t jump on my offer was I was already there to buy another FA and didn’t have the funds allocated. You did good sir :+1:


Only 1 reason. The rifle does not have a last shot bolt hold-open feature. Important nowadays for safety reasons. Especially with brand new shooters with little to no previous firearms experience. If this is not a problem in your situation, go for it. The rifle will be more valuable as a collectors item. Only a few "black diamond " models were produced. Can easily cost $400 at gun shows.


The Ruger 10-22 doesn’t have last round bolt hold open either and I think Ruger has sold a few of them.
I don’t see LRBHO as a safety feature more of a convenience feature.


There are bolt catches available for the 10/22 that will allow for LRBHO, or if you are daring enough to tackle it, you can grind the spur down on your stock bolt catch that will do the same thing. I suggest folks study the bolt catch before they try that, however. :wink: :wink:

Brownells.com is your friend. LOL!


Then go for it!
The Ruger 10/22 can be upgraded with Custom Shooting Technologies
2nd Generation Auto Bolt Stop kit. Consisting of a special CNC machined bolt (complete with titanium firing pin and extractor) and bolt stop mechanism. Uses Ruger factory magazines, both 10 shot and 25 shot capacity. Price is high, $188.95. For building Ruger 10/22 into a “race gun”. But also useful in heading off any future complaints of “not being safe”. Given the uncertain political climate, something to keep in mind for the future. Can be purchased from www.cstmtech.com


Custom Shooting Technologies

Tube has video showing installation of kit.

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How is it unsafe? You haven’t explained that part yet.


This would involve “raw beginners”. Those with little to no firearms experience at all. The last shot bolt open provides a positive visual signal that rifle is no longer loaded. Prevents “I didn’t know it was loaded” excuse. Nobody wants to hear that one. With several generations of young children playing “shooter” video games, watching TV and movies, and sometimes not getting the correct information on proper gun handling, there is sometimes a risk of “look, a real gun! I know how to handle it!” Then pulls on the trigger without checking to see if gun is cocked and loaded. With disastrous results if someone gets hurt or killed when gun fires. A problem with kids of 3 or 4 years old, and sometimes older. Last shot bolt hold open can head off trouble like this. Little kids may not know how to disengage locked open bolt. Hopefully heading off further trouble. Nylon 66 bolt is always closed. Cannot tell if rifle is loaded just by looking at the outside. Got to actively open the bolt to check. Some children and others do not always know how to do this. Then insist on “playing with the real gun”, anyway. Something to keep in mind!
If you will be the only one using the Nylon 66, no problem.
Gun owners still have take precautions of not loading rifle until ready to shoot. And keeping it locked if kids or untrained people are around.

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Isn’t that what the vast majority of gun owners have always done?

No it doesn’t.

Complete nonsense. What exactly is a 3 year kid doing with a firearm unsupervised?

This is called training, just like learning to use a safety on a 1911, or is that gun “unsafe” too?

None of your arguments demonstrate how a rifle without LRBHO is “unsafe” Sorry but it is not a safety concern and never has been.


First off, @thingsRP45, welcome to the Brotherhood.

Now that the formalities have been dispensed with…

Sorry, but I have to agree with @AV8R on this one. Last round bolt or slide hold open is a nice feature, but the lack thereof does not in any way constitute a safety concern.

There is so much wrong with what you’ve said here I don’t even know where to start…so I won’t. Seriously. I’ll grant you this, what you’ve stated are gross safety issues, yes, but they have absolutely nothing to do with bolt/slide hold open and everything to do with irresponsible firearm storage, training and supervision, particularly as it relates to young people/new shooters. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: