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Remember Pearl Harbor

crew is still serving onboard USS ARIZONA BB-39


Been there twice, very moving just to be there and hear how the chain of events took place on that day. We should never forget this day!!


I was stationed at Ft. Shafter, Hawaii but lived and worked at Hickam AFB for three and a half years. Every time someone came to visit me I would take them to the Memorial, it is important to learn what happened that day.


My father was a 17 year old high school senior in a small Alabama farming town on 12/7/1941. He enlisted in the USN on 12/8/1941. His high school awarded him his diploma because was so close to graduation anyway. He fought at the Coral Sea, Leyte Gulf and Okinawa battles aboard destroyers. He stayed in the Navy serving mostly in Shanghai China during the post-war years and finally got out and went home in 1948.

When I reflect on what his generation endured, I know in my heart they were indeed the greatest generation.


Iā€™m 4th Generation Chinese in Hawaii retired from the Government (Navy) after 34 years. My Dad passed away just a few years back. On Dec 7th, he was at Pearl working as a recent graduate (civilian) from the Shipyard Apprentice Program when the bombs fell on Dec 7th The Oglala was hit and sank in front of his shop. They did not leave the base for days, helping clean up the carnage and fortifying Pearl for another possible attack. He immediately tried several times after to join the Army with his buddies, but when they found out they were all Shipyard workers, the Military refused. He served repairing ships returning them to fight until early1944, when Pearl no longer needed his services at the Shipyard. He immediately enlisted in the Army where he served in the Pacific island hopping campaign and eventually as part of the U.S. Occupation Forces in Japan. After the Army he went back to Pearl as a Machinist/Inspector until he retired. He never talked about the War, and I only discovered his background a couple of years before he passed when I found pictures of him on a US troop ship and in Japan, after which he shared his story.