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Rem 597 issue after parts installation

Installed the mcarbo trigger kit, volquartson ejector, Remington guide rods and recoil springs and a Remington buffer as well as a powder magazine spring.

Trigger is totally awesome and seemed easy to do although this was a three week ordeal because of surgery recovery and ordering additional rem parts.

Problem is it fires the first round but doesn’t reset the trigger. Jack that unaired round out and same thing. A real nice single shot.

First thought was new buffer wasn’t seated all the way but it appears to be ok.

Any help or advice on what I screwed up is appreciated.


Good wishes on recovery from surgery :v:


Thank you @Captainjack88, the recovery is going fine but having other non related complications. No big deal just a little more time with doctors.

The good news is after getting up today and a really awesome fresh brew of my favorite black coffee, I set down at the bench, remove the stock and found my problem (as it jumps out at me clear as a bell). Over reacted yesterday, sorry bout that but am grateful for the wishes and being able to have clear vision this morning.

Now I’m not sure if I got the wrong one or they are made cut to fit.

Someday I will learn to listen to my late fathers wise words. Gary, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it :joy:


I’m at the gun bench too.
Got news this morning that job site is shut down until April 7th.
The “Death Stare” you gave it this morning worked.


That was last night :joy: cooled off over night lol

A lot of jobs are being changed, my job is working from home now (or so I hear)


Thinking I mistakingly ordered a 22LR buffer instead of a WMR.


Well I was in the hospital early today and finally got a chance to step out and try it with the shorter buffer. Same thing thing as before.

If it works out tomorrow I’ll review the mcarbo video and see if I can find anything else that’s causing the trigger not to reset.

Got my hopes up when I saw a smoking gun lol

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Hopefully the end of this thread. My dad was right about telling me if it ain’t broke don’t fix it (back when he was alive).

Brownell‘s told me to use the longer buffer cut to +1/16” longer. I did exactly. But tonight I removed that 1/16” longer buffer and installed the factory original. I stepped outside and banged off a magazine full of WMR as fast as I could pull the trigger. It felt great to see the trigger resetting again.

Time to move on, I still have plenty of cleaning and oiling to do and winters all but over!