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Reloading the 300 Ham'r

First the usual disclaimer: Any load information listed is for informational purposes only and not a recommendation, because powders change lot to lot, and chamber pressures can vary from firearm to firearm for a variety of reasons I can’t be held liable if you do some dumbass shit! All loads should be reduced at least 10% and worked up while watching for pressure signs.
I recently built a 300 Ham’r AR platform and was looking up loads.

It’s pretty hard to find load combinations listed and with deer season right around the corner here’s what I found works in my 16" Wilson Combat barrel.:
24gn. WC846 (very similar to BLC-2) military surplus over run powder, CCI 450 srm primers, Barnes 130gn.TTSX bullets with light crimp, Speer and Lapua cases, col.2.265. 5shot group1.5" with 30mph crosswind gusts@100 yd.s, 1885fps. chronographed indoors at club w/ chrono. set up15ft from barrel.

When I tried 24.5gn. group opened up and resulted in blown primers.


Nice choice on the dust cover.


I just got some CFE Black powder which seems the most popular for this caliber. I’ll be working up some loads with that next.