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Reloading Safely

10mm has large and small also, what a pain. I believe it is driven by less toxic “NT” primers, which only come in small pistol. When you de-prime a once fired small primer 45 or 10, look at the primer pocket. Really clean. Just a WAG.


I’ve been loading for about 14 years. A co worker got me started on it.

Started with a lee single stage kit. Recently bought a lee progressive. I do not have a true load book though. I typically use load data from mfgs and start low.

Recently started playing with bullet casting. That’s a whole other world.


Quite a few years back I used to get pre primed aluminum .45 cases so cheap it wasn’t worth the trouble to clean and reload the brass ones. Or so I thought, those had small primers in them and were a one and done deal. I probably loaded about 10,000 of them. Then one day at the range I blew the bottom out of my magazine, felt a cut on my face and cracked the right lens on my safety glasses. When I looked at the case it had a sizable “smile” near the head.
That had me doubting my reloading skills! I went to the bench after a couple days and looked at my remaining aluminum cases and found several with pinholes near the case head. I tossed them all after de-priming them but in retrospect it was still on me for not paying closer attention!


Another note about small and large primers, 6.5 creedmoor has them as well. Though small primers are much newer.

As for me, I take one primed case, away from everything and check what a double charge looks like. I usually do this for low charge weights and just for my information. Then dump the powder. Usually they over flow into the funnel. But some of my lower 9mm charges will fill 3/4 the case. I do this to know what I’m looking for. Might be over kill, but it is what it is. I’m a visual type of person.

ETA - also don’t reload when your tired.


You sir are braver than me. I will load steel before reusing aluminum. Aluminum is NOT elastic like brass or tough like steel. To be fair, we will be at least 8 years into a zombie apocalypse before I actually consider hand loading steel.

Regarding the SPP in 10mm and 45ACP - they were not a thing 10 years ago. I scrap 45ACP sp brass and 10mm sp is stashed for a future go 'round as 357 Sig. Both are a pain in my posterior and I avoided buying new SP 45 until scarcity lowered my standards


Actually That’s incorrect, small primer has been a thing in some target shooting for both .45 and rifle for some time now (more than 10 years). It’s supposed to help with long range accuracy (Idk when it started with 10mm). As far as the aluminum cases go, they came new to be loaded only once, then discarded but somewhere along the line there was a quality control problem. It may have been a fluke but I never went back.