Reloading: Loadbooks USA - the BEST

I have been buying reloading books from Loadbooks USA since I began reloading in the early 90’s. They print comprehensive books for each calibre. And I mean comprehensive - all the bases are covered, even unusual powders and loads for that caliber. They also provide books just for certain popular firearm types - AR-15, 1911, 10/22, etc.

I ordered loadbooks for 9mm luger and .223 Remington a couple weeks ago. They arrived yesterday but I got 9mm luger and .222 Rem. I contacted James Orr the owner and he has been amazing in responsiveness and customer service. He already gave me the tracking number for the replacement .223 Rem book and didnt even wait for the tracking number of the .222 Rem book I am sending back.

I used to shoot .243 Winchester and 7mm Rem Mag and had their loadbooks for those too and have always got excellent results from the loads that those books recommend. Same for the 6.5mm Swedish that I still shoot.

Seriously, all you need is the Lyman 50th Edition book and the Loadbooks USA book for the particular calibre that you are shooting and you are all set.


Yep, as I just starting in reloading, I too ordered loadbooks to check them out as they are not the $$$ as the current going rates for books are. It has a comprehensive amount of info from many manufactures. 9mm .223, and 6.5cm.

Though I just scored a nosler 9 at a yard sale.


Due to the recent snowstorms the replacement Loadbook took a while getting here. But when I opened the envelope I found not only the .223 Rem Loadbook but James had also thrown in a set of Squirrel targets along with a handwritten funny note. Great guy and I will continue to buy from him.


try this link some good stuff here even if a bit old for some