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Reloading for 9mm Carbine

I want to start reloading again for my Ruger 9mm carbine. Does anyone have a recommendation for what type powder and weight they use. Thanks.

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What powders do you have available?

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Nothing right now. Just starting to get the press.

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@Teamsterjohn1, I PM’ed you some data from my Sierra manual specifically for 9mm carbines. I’ve had real good luck using Bluedot powder with the 90gr., 115gr., and 125 gr., from my S2K.

See what you can get your hands on. There are literally hundreds of good loads for 9mm carbine. The dominant paradigm would suggest slower powders in longer barrels, but you will find even the fastest pistol powders work well in blowback PCCs.
Welcome to the wonderful world of reloading.
PS is that one of the Ruger “Dead Blow” blowback type recoil systems?


Hi Tex,

Would you mind also forwarding me what’s worked for you? Been thinking about reloading for both a Sub2000 9mm and the Ruger PCC.

Powders I’ve got are Blue Dot (only a pound though), Bullseye, Zip, WST, HP38, and Longshot.



@Dumasor, These are the ones that worked best for me. Really like the Sierra 125gr. and the Hornady 124gr. loads. 90gr. bullets were also good but that little bullet isn’t held in the case by much so use minimal flaring in prepping the case. I put very little crimp on any of them when loading. Only enough to smooth the flared mouth back down.

Edited to add all my reloads were with the HP bullets except the 115gr Sierra bullets. I used the FMJ.

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I too have just started to reload as well. Here is some sierra reloading data for rifle edition 5 (got to love the used book store :metal::metal:). Didn’t realise @Texprep already posted this.


Here is some lyman info for rifle (lead cast boolit only)

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Thx Mike,


Think I’ve talked with you in an Mcarbo thread online before. You’re in the Katy area? Lived there for 45 years except for 4 years overseas. Retired in 2019 and now live in east Tennessee. Still have roots there though with a daughter teaching in KISD and another (Aggie) in Dallas.

Again, thanks.



I am in Alvin, about 50 miles southeast of Katy. Grew up in Houston but when I returned from the service I moved to Alvin. Dont like the big city.

Ahh. Nolan Ryan country

Used to play the Alvin golf course when coming back from Surfside. Been years though.


Actually two Golf courses in Alvin or at least there used to be. Alvin Country Club was a little 9 hole course and Hillcrest Village has an 18 hole course. Played Alvin CC a couple times but have only scuba dived at Hillcrest village. Did emergency accents, buddy breathing, and underwater compass courses in one of their big ponds.


The 9 hole course is the one. Starts with a par 3? We’d play either that or the Brazos Bend course . Fire ant city…

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