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Reloading for 10mm Hi Point 1095TS

I have ordered a new Hi Point 1095TS which I haven’t received yet due to the slow shipping nowadays, but I’m anxious to check it out. I’ve ordered the trigger spring kit and the extra strength recoil spring and stainless steel rod.
I currently own a Ruger GP100 Match Champion chambered in 10 mm auto and I reload for it. I’m curious what C.O.L. bullets the Hi Point prefers… I plan on loading up a batch soon, Thanks :blush:


I have not loaded for mine. But it eats everything from S&B to Sig to Underwood. I HATE the mags, but …


Thanks, thanks good news…except for the mags…I’m hoping for an alternative reliable 15 round magazine becomes available soon. I have some Sig V-crown defense ammo I’ll be using for home defense, I’m glad to hear it feeds reliable.

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I can run 'bout 20 reliably through redball 45acp mag with mod’d feed lips.