M*CARBO Brotherhood

Red Lion Precision Forend

… now with M-lok. They’re
charging a $15 premium.

This morning, while politely waiting for the gf to wake, I got a wild hair. I’m reinventing my Sub again. It sat out of service for most of 2020 'cause I have been unable to get my optic to track with the mcarbo mount combined first with my factory forend and later as modified to try it with the kel tec aluminum forend. My issue is getting the optic mount plane located exactly.

For clarity, I’m not blaming the optic mount. I believe my factory polymer was overtorqued when Kel Tec temp staffed up for the barrel recall. But I mighta been drinking a little the first time I tried and rejected the red lion forend (pre mlok).

Rewind to this morning. I had actually decided to replace my front sight. I currently run without a front sight and figured on ordering a Red Lion Folder. My plan is to run my optic on an offset which calls for restoring iron sighting capability (my goofy logic). Well Red lion has no sights presently available, but I noticed the 5 characters that read m-lok in my periphery.

So, my sub may return to secondary truck duty soon. It will never be as fast as a Sub with the MCARBO Optic Mount, but after watching @Kona demonstrate speed I am willing to step out of my rush rush criterion (some steel traps may recall my ≤10 sec touch to punched hole at 75yards primary build objective) - I’ll be putting it to the clock, but …

At any rate, I think M-lok is a substantial design improvement. When I purchased originally, I thought the slots should/would have been mlok compatible.



IDK. I have an M-lok bipod I use on my S2K occasionally.


So, did you hog out the side slots? Asking cause my original RL slots were sized for a #6 screw and mlok requires a #10 screw. I also see your top and bottom rails appear to be the RLP pic rails secured with #6s, but your side covers look like standard mlok fare. I will admit to considering this mod first time 'round but did not have enough motivation to build a jig to accomplish it with tools I own.

FWIW I have a very similar bipod but I’ve never tried to fit it to my Sub.

Looked again to realize your mounted to the polymer factory forend. I suppose I should specify that the M-lok is a design improvement over the RLP slots that preceded the M-lok option availability.


The M-lok bipod mounted right up with no mods to the slots.


@dred crazy to see how quickly and decisively MLOK defeated keymod. Some people swear by keymod but the proof is definitive which style won. You can barely even buy keymod new anymore.