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Red Lion Forend With Optic and Backup Irons

Is there anyone here that has removed the front sight and rear sight, and is using a red dot with MAGPUL MBUS flip up sights? I am curious if the red dot fits with the MBUS sights on the 19 slot picatinny rail. Pics?


you just want to know if a red dot zeros with a PIC rail on a redlion? let ya know tonight… I can do the aimpoint or trueglo 20mm


I was thinking of doing the Magpul MBUS sights to cowitness with a red dot. Was wondering what that would actually look like on the rail of the Red Lion forend. Spacing, etc


I will get a pic with both later tonight


That sounds great! Can’t wait to get it installed. Still trying to figure out if I am going with a Vortex or SIG red dot…so many decisions.


keep in mind, this is a AIMPOINT COMP M2 , on its std military M4 mount, and a Folding aftermarket MBUS H&K style Front sight.
IF I put the AIMPOINT on a GG&G cantiliver mount it would move it to the rear about 3 inches which i like, and the rifle would still fold(pic of me having it on the cantiliver mount is on the MCARBO folding mount as well.) just to give you a idea on how far back the cantiliver flipped moves it back…

this is the AIMPOINT on the flipped GG&G cantilever mount. keep in mind it will set lower on the rail than it does on the flip up mount.
this is the pic of the True GLO 20mm triton, on the rail it sits low compared to the front sight but if i changed it to the high spacer that comes with the trueglow it would set dead level…just like the aimpoint
you might have to get a lil creative on the rear sight, but its completely doable Im thinking about doing something similar.

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