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Red Lion Folding Front Site

So I received the Gen 2 folding front site yesterday from Red Lion. I have to say, installation was easy and I love the site picture through it. My only complaint is if you have the site folded down and then fold the Sub 2000, it will latch but it will not open. I found the issue to be the Mcarbo easy release catch. It is longer than the stock catch and it comes in contact with the folded front site. Anyone else have this issue and if so, did you sand off part of the Mcarbo catch? I installed the factory catch for now till I figure out what and how much to remove. Suggestions?


@Beezer I have the same setup but mine opens and closes fine with the Mcarbo latch and the RL front sight folded. I see what you are saying about the back of the latch finger tabs hitting the top of the folded sight protector “wings”. I would just Dremel off a little bit on back of those latch finger pulls/tabs or just keep the front sight up.


I use an under mounted laser hand stop so I guess keeping the site down isn’t an issue. I will dremel off a bit of the finger tabs from the Mcarbo latch. I also thought of backing the sight out an extra turn or two and that should do it too.




That would work, that RL sight has a nice set screw and two good clamping screws to hold that sight no matter where you adjust it to.


I backed it off one revolution and now it has enough clearance. Thanks for your help Dave.